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Something’s not right

Re: My special place

I think I have spoken enough about myself tonight @outlander I feel like I am being an attention seeker. I don't want to keep being this way.

Its getting too hard again so Ive taken my meds. They will hopefully make me sleep for a bit.

Re: My special place

your are definently not being an attention seeker @Snowie its ok if you dont want to talk but please dont shut down or stop because you feel your attention seeking. thats far from the truth.
Would it help to talk about something else for a little while?

Re: My special place

I feel bad when I need the support @outlander It makes me feel useless and a burden to people. It is always "I" this, "I" that. 

Switching my brain and emotions off seem the only option left tonight.

Please just sit 



Re: My special place

sitting it is @Snowie Heart

Re: My special place

your not useless or a burden, just someone whose going through a rough time and is asking for support (which im proud of you for ) 💜💜 @Snowie 

Re: My special place

Thank you for your unconditional support @outlander 

My meds are kicking in, sleep is coming.

Goodnight my sweet sister, I hope you get some sleep tonight.Heart

Re: My special place

goodnight sis @Snowie

Re: My special place

The darkness is engulfing, it is all I can see. Any light left has vanished from sight. 

Racing thoughts consume my every thought. No matter what I do they are getting stronger.

They will win for I am too weak to fight them any longer. 

Re: My special place

@Snowie  Hey Snowie pea is here. If you want to talk or just to sit with. I am here.


Re: My special place

My memories are my worst enemy. They reach deep down in my soul and tear away at me. Thoughts are over powering.



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