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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

My special place

Well yesterday certainly threw everything off track. But thanks to some very thoughtful and kind people I was able to get threw it and continue.

I cannot say a lot about what happened as I am sure you all understand but need this support in place.

Things WILL be ok, just a lot to work out. 

Psych visit yesterday sorted out some of the things and more things will be happening early next week.

I am sorry if I put anyone through any despair, but unfortunately what happened yesterday morning had to be done.

Thank you all for your continued support. Heart


Brain still not functioning anyone so sorry if I missed anyoneHeart

Smiley Happy for @Phoenix_Rising as I know how much you don't like love hearts!!!

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Re: My special place

No need to explain im glad your back ❤ @Snowie
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Re: My special place

No need for sorrys needed hunni you said it your self 'what happened had to be done' i know it still wasnt easy for you in anyway, take it easy n be kind to yaself xxx
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Re: My special place

Just hope @Snowie,we can all overcome our problems somehow.

Re: My special place

Like everyone else - no need to say sorry - we all understand it was absolutely necessary @Snowie Heart

What is important is you are here, you are safe and you are back where you have so much support Smiley Very Happy 

btw - love the avatar - and very appropriate under the circumstances Smiley Very Happy

Re: My special place

Hi @Snowie
Glad your back

Re: My special place

Thats what I thought too @Zoe7. Unfortunately I cannot use the other one, but still have it on my phone Heart

Re: My special place

Thanks @Bubbles3 Heart

Re: My special place

How are you going @Snowie

Re: My special place

Completely understand @Snowie - I like this one more - it portrays you really well - soft, comforting, intelligent and underneath instinct and  the need for freedom. This is exactly how I see you @Snowie so this one is perfect Heart

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