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Suicide and Self Harm

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know of other online forums where I can chat to people about the above topics- openly and honestly? 

I love sane, and I understand why the restrictions are in place. But the ‘sent you an email, call a helpine’ is counterproductive. I actually need to talk about these issues freely. 


Re: Suicide and Self Harm

I dont know of anywhere online. @Former-Member 


I did have some moments of connecting about it with a peer worker in a recovery group with (Wellways). DOnt know if it was that individual or it is an organisation things.  I got the feeling it really helped the other person as well.


Good to see you again. Take Care

Re: Suicide and Self Harm

hi @Former-Member 

In my experience SI is a cry for help and SH is...seems like a cry for help too.

I never bothered to cry for help because I knew no-one would come, my dad would just be furious and my mother would make it all about her.

I drink alcohol to cope which is a form of sh.

not sure what you need to say that you can't here?

Re: Suicide and Self Harm

Hey there @Former-Member  so long as you're posting within the community guidelines you can speak freely Heart the reason they exist is purely because we have a very wide community to consider in the content that is published on the forum, certainly within a one-one peer/counsellor setting it can be a bit easier I do empathise. I really hope you're trekking along okay, if you want to chat about anything please do and if you're worried about breaking guidelines feel free to send us an email at

Re: Suicide and Self Harm

hey @Former-Member

I hope you find a resolution soon mate

PS Nice to see you around here again Smiley Happy

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