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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Screenshot_20191008-184553_Samsung Internet.jpg


Keep thinking it is Friday. The  reality bites and 5 minutes later it feels like Friday again.

Going to be a long day lol. 

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Thanks for sharing this @Determined - gave me a good giggle this morning! Happy non-friday to everyone haha 😂

Sitting with you all for a chai this morning. 




Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Hi @Exhaustedmum 

This is one of our social threads where we share about our days.



@Faith-and-Hope  @Shaz51  @Darcy   @Smc 

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Hi @Exhaustedmum and welcome to the forums 👋.


This is a good place to find some other exhausted parents, and share a virtual cuppa for a little while.




I hope today has been as okay as it can be.


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Morning Peoples.
Anyone else ready for a big relaxing cup of coffee?



Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Good morning @Smc  😀

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Thank you for adding me to this. The last few days have been really tough with my daughter having another episode due to school bullying. I’m really struggling to stay positive with the psychiatrists trying to figure out what’s going on for her and until then limited medication options which means she is waking at all hours of the morning. Then my little boy who has high functioning ASD is getting no asssistanxe from the OT or speechie because he can’t regulate and yells and  swears when he is frustrated. He is 7! Just wondering what works for people when you are struggling to get up and face the day to do your normal day to day things. It just feels like there is no joy. 

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Morning @Exhaustedmum have you applied for the NDIS for children as my youngest son also has Autism/ADD/Anxiety and my eldest one has High Functioning Autism and it was really hard to get the therapy that they needed, and since being on NDIS is getting the services is learning to manage his issues. 

It is so hard when you aren't getting the proper assistance to help you and your childhood,  I just take one minute at a time each day as it's easier to manage, each day is different as you would know so you could try and see if it helps a little bit.

Welcome to our forum family and you have come to the right place there is usually someone on here 24/7 as a lot of us have sleeping  trouble so you can always just read post or post yourself,  I hope your day is not to stressful

@Faith-and-Hope @Darcy @Smc @Determined 

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Thanks @saturnzoon we have an ndis plan for him which I think is why I’m finding it frustrating that the therapy team won’t work with him. They just keep saying he needs to engage with a psychologist which is fine but until then nobody is helping him with a large early intervention plan. We don’t have any family support around us as they all live a couple of hours away. It’s driving my husband and I further apart as we are both exhausted and are considering moving to be closer to family. I’m so glad I have found a place to share these struggles without judgement. 

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Hi @Exhaustedmum 


I made it a mission to find a joy-drop in each day, even if it was just wearing my favourite colour in something .... or nail polish I liked.  Sometimes it’s a flower in soneone’s garden that is really pretty, or a fur-can’t our walking with their people .... falling leaves, rain, fresh fruit - something.  It has helped to keep me grounded when my world has tipped upside down and right side up again ..... repeatedly .....

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