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My recent episode

Hi all, this is my first post here, newbie alert Smiley Happy


Ive been home 6 days, thought id find a forum to join as i enjoy online interaction.


A little background on me.. First psych ward admission was back in 2008, left 3 weeks later with a diagnosis of Paraniod Schizophrenia. I was 30 years old. Between 2008 and 2010 there were a few more admissions, the last addmission my diagnosis was changed to Schizoaffective Disorder, with talks of Bipolar at this stage also. I had ECT treatment aswell during that time. Then from 2010 up until 6 weeks ago (March 2019) i lived quietly in the community, with no admissions for 9 years. I gave myself credit for that. 

In October 2018 by chance I came off my antipsychotics, my psychiatrist gave me the choice to change medication due to side effects or watch and see approach. I of course jumped at the chance to watch and see, i had been taking medications every day since 2008 for these mental illnesses. 5 months, i lasted 5 months without antipsychotics.. Which brings me to March 2019. One night late in March i totally lost my crap and flew into a rage, was arrested under the mental health act and driven to hospital. I lost my crap again once admitted in emergency department, i was totaly delusional and i will leave out what i remembered at that stage. The next thing i remember was waking up in a seclusion room, i was again full of rage. Later i was out on the high dependancy ward for 1 week, i now have little memory of this time as i was heavly druged. Then i went to the adult acute ward for 3 weeks, so much happened there. Then onto Park facility for 1 week, and now im home. I have left alot out trying to keep this brief..

I have had time to reflect on this episode over the last 6 days. I have lived in goverment housing for 8 years, i wot begin to explain the horror i have endured but i will say i did keep alot of it bottled up inside trying to always be the peace keeper. I will now train myself as best i can to speak out, to have no tollerance for crap and keeping the peace will be a thing of the past. 

I am very sad this happened to me, i was doing so well for so long and then almost half a year off meds too. 

There is a few things i am greatful for though, i met some of the most beautiful people on the ward. 

Thanks to a nurse who nursed me back between 2008-2010 and again this time, i might be doing a course in mental health peer worker, which i am very excited about. 

I think this post is a bit all over the shop, but writting it down helps.

Thank you for reading, any questions are welcome Smiley Happy

Kind regards





Re: My recent episode

Hi @Scasey and welcome to the forum. I don't have the same diagnosis or experiences as you but wanted to say how brave it is to post here tonight. I hope others that are in a similar situation or have similar experiences can help you out more. It is often daunting to post for the first time in a new place but you have taken a great step here in gaining support. I love that you are thinking about becoming a support worker - your experiences would certainly be beneficial in helping others.

Again - welcome to the forum and if you have any questions then ask and I am sure someone will be able to help you out.

Re: My recent episode

Hi Zoe, thank you for your lovely reply, very nice of you Smiley Happy

Re: My recent episode

Hey there @Scasey Are you finding your way around the forum okay? It can be a bit overwhelming at first but once you get the hang of it it certainly becomes like second nature. A couple of tips to help you out - if you put an @symbol in front of someone's name they will be notified of your reply. Secondly - there is a thread where you can introduce yourself here - many members check this thread regulalrly and can introduce themselves to you as well.

Re: My recent episode

Hi Zoe, the forums are nice and easy to navigate here, ive spent many years on online community forums so im a bit forum savvy. Thank you for helping Smiley Happy

Re: My recent episode

Hi @Scasey Glad you are finding your way around okay.

Just a tip - If you put an @symbol in front of the person's name you are replying to then they will receive a notification that you have posted to them

Re: My recent episode

Welcome @Scasey and thanks for sharing your experience here with us. It must have been scary in March, but am so glad to see that you are doing well now and are keen to pursue a career in mental health work. Have you started looking at courses? 

Re: My recent episode

@Ali11 hello thank you Smiley Happy
Yes,2 courses in mental health peer worker, one of the nurses from the psych ward brought them to my attention and is even trying to get funding for them for me, totally amazing, hope it goes through Smiley Happy

Re: My recent episode

That is wonderful to hear @Scasey. Fingers crossed that will go through for you!

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