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Re: Life can be a Pain

thKJ0DVKHD.jpgThere's one in every weekHi Peeps - yes - it's Thursday again


@Shaz51 @Maggie @Gazza75 @Sherry @eth  - my tagging fingers are in a twist again - welcome everyone


My back has been easier over the last couple of days - I could even say I enjoyed getting the SIM card into my new phone which is a beauty - I can actually read the screen without squinting - fabulous


I sent a text to my daughter and she texted back letting me know I had a different number - then I was on to Telstra for who knows how long getting my regular m number back and I have - what a relief - no wonder I couldn't get the apps off Google - I was entering the wrong phone number - the joys of modern technology


And I have my NBN modem and I need to set that up - one thing at a time - I have to sort out my Google account first so I can get my apps off my old phone - and my photos 


I have yet to see how things are about the fires on the Sunshine Coast - it feels so chilly in Melbourne it's hard to imagine but it was wonderful weather when I was up there in the winter - it would be dry though - I can imagine


It's also really wonderful how much support I had on the Tuesday Topic - the thread is locked now but thanks everyone - there was a lot of support for many people - being a new mother is a culture shock - in so many different ways - thanks for tagging me in @Shaz51  - I can stand a trigger here and there - I survive it - it's a part of my life so I honour the memories of my son - always - I valued him



Re: Life can be a Pain

@Dec  Dropping off a quick 👋👋👋 and 💜💜💜💜

Re: Life can be a Pain

Re: Life can be a Pain

Hi @Gazza75 @Maggie @Shaz51 @Sherry @BlueBay @eth 


It's Friday again and of course I am busy with my Friday commitments - so hasty notes today - atm I am hatching my heat-pack but I must get up and shower and wash my hair - we have had another cold front during the night and we Melbournites are not impressed with our weather - still we are all thinking about the people in the fires - somehow the weather is really wonky


I got my phone working yesterday - I have added enough data for it to be enough for this billing period - I found my error was I needed to re-access my Google Account which I did - this Granma does know how this stuff works and the next thing is to sort out my NBN modem - hey - it could be easy - I have to have a look and see after allSmiley Indifferent


It's really wonderful reading the supportive comments people have been writing - and all the "likes" - it makes a huge difference to helping me keep my stress down whle I wait for the appointment with the Pain Specialist week after next - the time is going pasvery quickly


I hope everyone's day is as good as it possibiy can be - I don't know if I will get around to replying to all the tags today - I have to get a wriggle on getting myself ready for the day


Hopefully I can catch up through the day because my new phone has allowed me to post into the forum - how about that - but it depends on the time of course


Bye for now



Re: Life can be a Pain

@Dec  You should be a very proud grandma indeed. Dinosaurs and technology don’t often mix well, speaking from personal experience. 🦕🦖🦕🦖🦕🦖🦕 

I have an iPad and I’ve learnt how to do so many things since being here on the forums.

My mobile is basic, so no net there.


I hope your day has gone to plan, or in part anyway. Take care this evening. I hope your pain is manageable. 💕💕💜💜💜

Re: Life can be a Pain

@Dec 🦉🦉🦉💕💕💕

Re: Life can be a Pain

@Maggie @Decadian @outlander @Dec ...


argh.... I agree. It seems babies nowadays are born with a phone or iPad in there hands.. who knows what tomorrow will bring?


i still remember VHS, dial-up modems, corded phones, 13-inch floppys, the 'super cool' Walkman - then 'super cool' disc man!


Everyone, enjoy your weekend! Mrlbournians, enjoy the sunshine ☀️ 


Re: Life can be a Pain

Hugs my friend @Dec ❤️❤️

Re: Life can be a Pain

Thanks @BlueBay Heart



Re: Life can be a Pain

Hi @BPDSurvivor 


I remember not having a phone and being in a public phone booth when my mother needed to ring Dad's mother


And although her mother lived with us later when I was small she still had a small unit not far from us and if Mum wanted to talk to her she had to ride her bike


Things change - yesterday my driver took me shopping and when we went past the secondary college the kids were walking out talking on their phones - interesting that - maybe soon babies will be texting their mothers before they are born or during delivery - that will be interesting


I woke up late this morning - and stayed where I was playing a new game on my new phone - that was fun and a good way to start a Saturday - and yes - the sun is shining - let's hope it lasts all weekend so we can enjoy it




Oh yes !! - and people used to write letters and mail them

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