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Something’s not right

Casual Contributor

He gets worse every week


I stumbled across this forum while searching up things to do with my son.  My son is 13 and recently developed mental health problems.  He recently developed OCD and won’t touch anything outside his room and if he does he will wash his hands.  Then the depression and anxiety started to become obvious.  He started medication about 6 weeks ago but this hasn’t helped at all and seems to make his paranoid and delusional. He self harms and tried to suicide by drinking some cleaning products.  He doesn’t leave the house unless it’s to attend counselling or doctors appointments, he doesn’t hardly leave his room anymore.  He is such a sweet kid and thinks so badly of himself.

Sometimes it’s all just so hard to deal with.


Re: He gets worse every week

@Believe01  Hi Believe01 and welcome to the forum. I wish it was under better circumstances for you. Medication can take a long time to kick in so dont worry about it not working right now after only 6 weeks. As he is under 18 if things get really bad you can have him admitted to a mental health ward .....  I admitted my son2 when he was 16 violent and self harming. 13 however is so young I would leave that to the last gasp personally. However it has been done in the past. 


In the meantime has he got a psychiatrist that you are happy with? That is very important. I am going to tag a @Moderator  for other ideas on how to help you and your son. 

Re: He gets worse every week

Hi @Believe01 

It is Whitehawk here the current moderator.  A warm welcome to the forum from the SANE team. I am sorry to learn that your son is really struggling. The SANE website has information about OCD that you might find useful-

As @greenpea mentioned it is important that that he gets the right professional support from a psychiatrist and other mental health professionals. It may take time for the medication to have a full effect but if you are concerned it would be fine for you to seek a review with the doctor who precribed them. And of coure your own wellbeing as his parent and carer is crucial during this difficult time.




Re: He gets worse every week

Thanks for your response. My son has been in hospital twice and both times they have sent him home as they believe he would be better at home than with kids that are much older than him.  He is under treatment of a psychiatrist through a child as adolescent mental health centre and attends counselling there each week. 
My concern that the drugs aren't helping him are because he has become very delusional to the point he thinks people are out to harm him.
He has a med review tomorrow, I'm reluctant to change anything atm Incase the drugs are at a point where they may start working.  It's hard to know I guess.  
I hope your son is doing better now.  

Hope you are going okay too. 

Re: He gets worse every week

Thanks for your welcome and response.  My son is under professional care through a child and adolescent mental health centre.  It's hard to understand how it all happened so fast.  I'm going okay, thanks for your concern.  

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