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Re: Eating disorder and more - need a shoulder ......

I adopted a rescue cat today @Darcy  ....


Re: Eating disorder and more - need a shoulder ......

Wonderful @Faith-and-Hope 

Are you staying put east or west?

Re: Eating disorder and more - need a shoulder ......

East @Darcy  .... started into my next year of study, but there are also kids and $$$ issues, along with other 💩 (poo) issues preventing me from making independent choices until settlement and disolution of the marruage.

Re: Eating disorder and more - need a shoulder ......

 Difficult and emotional times for you @Faith-and-Hope

Re: Eating disorder and more - need a shoulder ......

I hope that you are knee deep in water coulours and cat hair @Faith-and-Hope.


It's a snuggly kind of weekend down here in ol' Sydney town @Faith-and-Hope @Sherry @Darcy @outlander @Shaz51 @greenpea @Appleblossom  maybe a slow braise on the stove, or some other wholesome and grounding Homesteading task for us all to partake in.


Sending you all a belly rub



Corny Heart

Re: Eating disorder and more - need a shoulder ......

👋💕 ..... visual diaries and cat hair at the moment @Corny ..... haven't quite broken out the paintbrushes yet .....

Re: Eating disorder and more - need a shoulder ......

Huge hugs to you all on this thread and what you've endured.

Just came on to catch up @Faith-and-Hope . Feel so frustrated for you. Hold on to all your past experiences and find as much documentation as you can. I'm thinking of all the control mechanisms he had for such a long time. I agree that it will be all about the money. He will try anything to get his way but I suspect he won't see other ways. 

Im wondering if you are getting much support from your oldest daughter through this. I know the older ones will not want to pick sides but I hope they are still supporting you. For me that was the most important part. It still is. My money is still tied up over something pitiful but so is his. Im not giving in and I gave in too much from what happened at the 11th hour. For me personally I am frustrated with how much a lawyer cost but it was worth it to take the heat out of the stupid stuff. He will try so many power play things through his lawyer. I hope yours will see straight through them and stay a step ahead. 

It took me such a long time to be ok in my company but I wouldn't change it for anything now. I doubt I will ever have another relationship. Being burned twice is enough. I know mine wasn't NPD as such but the more I read of this thread there were/are some characteristics that stand out so much now. Not being able to have empathy or put yourself in anyone's shoes but your own will be a red flag for me from now on. How can you genuinely care for someone if you can't put yourself in their shoes because you only have a lens for how everything affects you. Sorry rant coming out. 

so my darling @Faith-and-Hope , please always know that all the people who see you, and can put themselves in your shoes, care so very much and can't wait for this all to end so that our resident artist can bloom and blossom into a new woman. 

trying hard to be here but not doing such a great job. To tell the truth, still probably a little self absorbed in my own stuff. Weekly appointments with psychiatrist and therapist have been great but I tend to be much more egocentric and self absorbed. 😳😬🤦‍♀️. They'll get spaced out again soon. 


Re: Eating disorder and more - need a shoulder ......

Thank you so much @Teej  ..... overjoyed to see you, and leaky at your beautiful heartfelt message .... you're never far from my thoughts. I have a daughter who is very engaged with jigsaw puzzles, so that's a thought and memory connection, right there ..... hugs and hugs for your path to blooming and recovering too Hon, and boy I hear you about future relationship ...... 🥴


@Corny, very much thinking of you too .... and you @Sherry , even if my answers are sometimes short ..... they are big on care and thoughts of y'all regardless ..... 💜💐💜💐

Re: Eating disorder and more - need a shoulder ......

Thanks for thinking about me @Faith-and-Hope .


I can't stop thinking about Chonky Floof Cloud.... case you have forgotten who he is, here he is again.


I think I dreamed about him last night. I was pushing him on the swing, it was spring time, there were lots of flowers and we were enjoying a lime and soda together in the park....


Corny Heart

Re: Eating disorder and more - need a shoulder ......

😏 ..... hahaha @Corny .  That looks so neat ❣️

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