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Re: Caring4Corny

no rain her yet @Corny , suppose to be but just muggy 

@Darcy , @Faith-and-Hope , @Maggie , @outlander 

Re: Caring4Corny

We've gone from drought to suburban rivers here @Shaz51 


Re: Caring4Corny

@Corny  need a boat?images - 2020-02-14T214711.084.jpeg


images - 2020-02-14T213540.081.jpeg


Re: Caring4Corny

.... or a brolly?





Re: Caring4Corny

I could have done with a raft last Sunday @Darcy I thought that the roof was going to come off. 


Corny Heart

Re: Caring4Corny

Without a-corn boat licence @Corny , one of these might be more usefulimages - 2020-02-15T085829.947.jpeg


Re: Caring4Corny

We could have been having corn-boat races here too @Corny @Darcy 

With all the heavy constant rain we had here last weekend, we ended up with a giant lake only 100 meters from our back deck.  It covered a huge area, and looked absolutely stunning when the light hit it.  A huge expanse of water.  Just delightful.  I reckon I could have run a rowing regatta there, without any problems at all.  Sadly it receding quickly now that the rain has pretty much gone.  Only an occasional shower since Tuesday.  


Such a shame @Corny  that you are unable to have a dog where you live.  Really really wish you could.


Sherry 💖


Image result for rowing regatta in corn boats



Image result for Corn Cob Dog Toys


Re: Caring4Corny

I am not surprised Miss @Sherry that you had a new lake in your suburb. I think we got more rain last weekend than we have in the last 2 decades according to one article I read.


It is just absolutely devastating that I cannot get a 4 legged friend. I mean I am a homesteader after all, and what sort of homestead doesn't have a hound to guard the gate. All that love and affection.....sigh Smiley Sad


I am trying to focus on the positives and what I can have @Sherry and I have purchased a new jar for my Kombucha 'mother', and a new fermentation jar for my sauerkraut. And I borrowed a Lebanese cookbook from the library and I want to make their pickled felafels are really starting to come together. 


I hope that you are getting puppy cuddles today!




Re: Caring4Corny

Ha ha @Corny  ... I live rurally, and dont actually have a suburb.  Lucky aye?  I could have several wonderful 4-legged friends to guard our gate, if I chose.  Mind you I dont think Holly would be overly impressed with that.  But yes, they do provide so much love and affection.  And isnt it fabulous that @Faith-and-Hope  has acquired a new furbaby!  I am definitely a dog person, like you, but also love cats.  Always did as a kid too, but I am allergic to their fur unfortunately.


Good for you, in that you are able to focus on the positives, the things you can have rather than what you cannot.  Your new jars sound great, as do your falafels.  Pickled turnips?  Never heard of that.  And I have to say that of all veges, the ones I like the least are turnips and parsnips.  Maybe pickled they'd be okay?


Yes I am getting lots of Holly cuddles today.  I have had a pretty lazy sort of day, and Holly has made the most of that. I have made an appointment at the vets for her on Monday.  She has become very deaf quite quickly, so I need to make sure its not something they can do something about.  Rather than just age related deafness.  I am (of course) hoping its fixable, like a minor blockage or wax plug or something.  I find it really difficult knowing she can no longer hear me when I whisper sweet nothings in her little ear. 😊


Sherry 💕

Re: Caring4Corny

Bless Holly's little heart @Sherry. Is she a little Jack Russel? Being rural you could have a whole clan of the little guys and gals. Yes, I try my best to focus on what I can have in the city. If I focus on everything I can't have it just makes me miserable, when really, there are lots of positives to being here, and I can always visit regional areas and get out of the city for the weekend.


I hope that her hearing is OK, but being embodied we all eventually deteriorate unfortunately. Ageing sucks. But she is still up for cuddles so she isn't withdrawing which is a good sign that she isn't muddled. 


Look at this sister comforting her sib......Ohhhhhh




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