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Re: Caring4Corny

Pygmy Possum.jpgWould you look at this little guy...

Re: Caring4Corny

On my way with some puppies for you @Corny .

images (6).jpeg


Re: Caring4Corny

Golden retriever puppy.jpgThank you @Darcy I had a Goldie when I was young, he looked a little like this and we were the greatest pals...

Re: Caring4Corny

Perhaps one day @Corny as part of your self care plan you might be on a position to get yourself a companion dog. 


I cannot imagine not having a dog for Mr Darcy. 

Re: Caring4Corny

I would love that so much @Darcy you have no idea the heart pangs I have!!!!


And it would be great for my MH, dogs are the best....but I can't in the apartment I am living in and also $$$$$.....tight budget with my medical bills, can't justify running a car either when I sat down and did the figures.....but forces me to walk a lot which is a good thing.


But I have chosen his name, the first part of his name isn't allowed on here for obvious reasons but it rhymes with spade and the first letter is 'B'.


%lade Mason.


Mr %lade Mason when being called in the waiting room at the vets for his checkups.


Has a super hero ring to it don't you think?!


CornySmiley WinkSmiley WinkHeart





Re: Caring4Corny

It would be mean having a large dog in the city @Darcy but I could cross pollinate a Goldie with a mini poodle and get a snuggly, squashed version...


In my puppy fantasies I imagine Mr B@@$e Mason to look a little like this....



Re: Caring4Corny

awwwww @Darcy Heart

hello @Corny , @Maggie , @outlander 

Re: Caring4Corny

We all need dreams @Corny , good things do happen.

Re: Caring4Corny

They do @Darcy, they do. I can just see him now enjoying Halloween with the kids, wearing a little cape going from house to house and being their guard dog, and in time a local celebrity. I want to get a dog at a time when I can give them a great life and not be in hospital a third of the year Smiley Sad  ... until then I will have my sibs puppy to play with in 6 months time Smiley Wink



Re: Caring4Corny

I haven't had a post go to the death star in a while @nashy pear.... I was a little irritable yesterday wasn't I. I am sorry, but I am human and some people are really really annoying. I do cause offence, I know this to be true, but sometimes I just say what I am thinking. I am locked up you know. 


My beautiful psychologist that I worked with for years would see this behaviour as a win, and my doc knows I mean well even if it comes out a little rough around the edges in the online world occasionally. I really am a softly spoke person, but that is because I have excellent hearing. Gold star for hearing. Gold star for eye sight. I speak softly because it is booming in my head as a result of my excellent hearing and I have to tell many people on the telephone to calm the hell down! 


I know you don't know me but these are all steps in the right direction. I can say to someone, "you are not the boss of me", and really believe it now. This is a miracle, I say it to friends all the time now, and they look so alarmed and shocked Smiley Wink


All I and the nurses see is progress @nashy , progress. 


My transformation is inspiring and no I am not elevated. 


Cheeky Corn

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