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Hello and welcome everyone!


A big hello to those that wanted a reminder for tonight @Talin @greenspace @Shaz51 @outlander @neli02 @Snowie @EOR @CheerBear @Ilovehiking 


For tonight’s discussion, we are talking about travel on any level. It might be travel overseas on a big holiday or it might be staying over for a night somewhere that isn’t your own home for whatever reason. The common thread that we will also investigate is comfort zones and managing fears! Please do keep in mind our guidelines around anonymity. If you are away somewhere, or going away somewhere, please be wary to not mention specific dates in partnership with specific locations or any other specific details that could make you or your location identifiable.


With all that said and done, the way tonight works, is that I will share with you some thoughts and question prompts around this topic - please get involved and share your insights or other questions you have, you never know when your own learnings can be so helpful to another and vice versa, so don't be shy! To get us warmed up and started I'd love to hear what has brought you here tonight and what this topic tonight means to you?




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