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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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Hi @2qwerty , I think you will be okay.. try not to stress about it too much as its a vicious circle.  Certainly don't exercise outside in the rancid air.  I know its really bad in Melbourne right now.  I'm in NSW and we have had bad to terrible conditions for months.  If you can't get a mask, you can use a damp bandanna to do a similar thing.  A lot of the firefighters do that over the top of the masks as not all the masks are 100% effective.  Maybe you could find something online?  


If you can work from home then I would do that.  I think people exposing babies and kids to the air is naiive and stupid.


It worries Me that we can get used to the smell after a certain period of time and then it becomes 'normal'.  They are suggesting turning off air conditioning if you can.  In my workplace we can't and haven't been doing that.

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