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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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I hear you @Orwellian 


You have had a bad experience in the past and this is stopping you from seeking help with chest pain


And you would rather arrest - even die - but I can assure you don't want to take that route - chest pain can be so severe it is terrifying and a heart attack might not take you - it might just damage your heart


My son-in-law had some chest pain and was sent for an angiogram and had an ermergency triple by-pass the next day - scary yes - but he is well now and still wil us - we are all so glad he saw his doctor


You must be concerned or you would not have started a thread - and driving with a possible heart issue and you don't feel up to it is not a good idea either -


I do hear you though - you have been traumatised in the past and this has left a bad memory 



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