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Today I was doing exercise when I suddenly had a pain in the left side of my chest shooting up to my neck. I was also a bit breathless. It could be a strain .... or it could be cardiac.


I have taken an Asprin. That is all I can do. The Gym wanted to call an Ambulance, but I had to cancel that. They would have taken me to the local Health Service. I cannot go there. If I go to a GP they will also send me to the ED too.


To get seen would mean a couple of hours drive over the border. I do not feel up to that.


The Local Heath Service is where I was brutalised and caused my PTSD. They also said I am not to go there. It did say i could if seeking assistance but I do not have any trust in them so I would prefer to die. I know feel very vulnerable not having any health back up.

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