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  • Author : Upndownnupndown
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  • Topic : Something’s not right

@greenpea thank you for your reply and apologies for the late reply.

I agree re barely being able to read a book let alone working in a profession. Congratulations for completing a degree! I'm not even looking that far ahead atm but I'm booked into a foundation studies course this year and a goal of mine is just to finish it within 2 years. Maybe less not sure yet.


Another goal is to start working some casual hours soon. As per your comment re yoga, I'm about to start doing some Thai Chi classes which should help me to start to get a handle on my mood swings I hope. Sorry if I've already mentioned this.

Eating organic foods and cutting out sugar is a great move. Ive had some issues with mood fluctuation after changing my diet but I'm determined to cut out simple carbs. I don't eat sugar processed sugar and little fruit or have any sugar in my coffee. Sugar is the enemy ahaha.


Maybe medication may have to be considered again. Not sure on this as I hate all meds that I've tried to treat it. I will talk to my clinical psychogist about this if it is in fact bipolar if the diagnostic manual questions draw this out during the testing.


P.s I hear you re not having answers for my quandaries. Just having some people reply has helped me to feel a bit better. There are people who understand what the issues that I've mentioned as like to deal with.

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