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Hi @Gazza75 Smiley Happy

Your welcome. I am struggling to get the words out atm. But basically just going over the same stuff that has happen in the past. It leaves me feeling quite anxious and uneasy- its not a nice place to be. Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I find it hard to move on and let things go too. 


I will tag you in a post that I wrote to Hams it explains what has been happening. I had a friend who has said hurtful things to me- she basically said I was a nobody or that is what her mum thought of me. I am not sure that is true- her mum has passed away. I asked her about it today and she said she would never say that but that is not my reality and it has left me confused. I think my friend lacks emotional maturity at times. 


You're right about sleep- I have had quite a negative spiral from the lack of sleep. 


I am trying to write it down but its hard because there are a few things playing on my mind and I find it hard to get my thoughts onto paper and if what I am writing makes sense. Thank you for listening..

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