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Hi @Shaz51 


Snow on the Sunshine Coast - no - it is warm and sunny here and I am just about ready to leave my room and have a coffee and leave my suitcase with reception and take a walk before heading to the airport and then Melbourne when it is really bleak - what a culture shock that will be


But I have had a great time up here - it's a beautiful resort here and for families there is a lot happening with water sports - it's Saturday though and the school holidays will be over and I guess people will be packing up to return to their normal lives too


I hope to get a walk to the beach again before I leave - it's a beautiful beach here


It was wonderful spending time with my grand-daughter too - she has a comfortable and sunny upstairs flat/studio - she really has landed on her feet




@Shaz51 @utopia @outlander @Gazza75 

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