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  • Author : care-bears-4eva
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  • Topic : Something’s not right
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Hi all,

I'm positing because I'd like some advice about what to when you see a crisis developing but the person your taking care of that doesn't meet the definition of being in a crisis i.e, a danger to themselves or others.


My sister is currently living totally isolated in a motel because she stopped paying any of her bills because god is talking to her and telling her that she doesn't have to pay them because money is fake. She also lives 2.5h drive from me so she's hard to access, I don't drive making it harder to reach her.

She's been scheduled as an involuntary patient before because of a psychosis, as have I. I wasn't scheduled because I was a danger to myself or others, but because I had delusional beliefs and the doctors noted that I couldn't make correct decisions for myself. So would my sisters current situation meet the threshold for involuntarty admission? If not what can I do, what sort of services can I reach out to?

I'd like to try and avoid taking her to an emergency room, I had to do that with my brother and it was quite the task, He escaped at one point and I had to chase him through 2 suburbs! Our relationship isn't super solid and don't want her to mistrust me by pulling the old bait and switch and taking her to a hopital, with the added risk that they don't admit her.

It's funny, I have alot of experience with all this stuff, but still have no idea what to do. I've been reading alot of posts on the forums today, you folks are amazing!

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