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  • Author : mum8891
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  • Topic : Looking after ourselves
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Thankyou Ali11. 


It is a lot. The trouble is that my parents live interstate and my mum has MS; my parents in law are closer but also have health challenges. But they are all very supportive in other ways. We went to my in laws today (for them to have a birthday afternoon tea for my 4yo).  I had told my mother in law yesterday that I really wasn’t coping and she and my father in law were so sweet and sent us home with money for takeaway, then my 9 yo amazed us all by packing the dishwasher. I didn’t even feel remotely like I was going to yell at anyone for the entire day!!! First time in forever! I am seeing there is light at the end of what has felt like a very long tunnel. 


And...feeling a little like things are better...has meant I’m not bothered by my husband’s blunted affect. I think feeling worse must make me more sensitive to that? Not sure. 


Anyway thanks for your kind words Smiley Happy 

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