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  • Author : nymeria92
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My better half has been home from the psych ward since December (after two relapses in November 2019 due to not taking meds), He has been doing so much better albeit major side effects from his meds and residual psychosis. He is a diagnosed paranoid schizophreniac. Hubby is on a lot of meds (2 antipsychotics and mood stabilizers and heart meds). He is on continuing care and sees the case manager and psychiatrist regularly. He takes his meds regularly (i watch him take them). We are hoping his side effects reduce as his psychiatrist is unwilling to make changes to his meds yet. I am cautiously optimistic, however it looks like we have a long road ahead. We have been advised to apply for hubby's DSP by his case manager, which we will do so in the next month or so.

My heart breaks when i see how much my hubby struggles. Even on meds,  he is not really well and is constantly battling dizzyness, drowsiness, excessive pacing, anxiety, pains and aches. I am hoping, with time and rest he will feel better soon.

Keep your hopes up. Its a difficult situation, supporting our loved ones. Much hugs and kisses. 

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