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Great book and easy read by Dr

Changing Minds by Dr Mark Cross psychiatrist is an easy read and gives an insight into mental illness was also a tv series on abc, glad that someone advised me to read it. Can borrow electronically or hard copy through local library. 


Re: Great book and easy read by Dr

Thanks for the recommendation @Stefee! What did you like about that book?

Re: Great book and easy read by Dr

The whole thing, my mother had bipolar and He described it to a T. I’m up to ptsd now but am looking forward to the psychosis chapter as that is what my daughter was admitted with. I love the way his caring and compassionate nature come across in the writing. One thing that resonated with me was when he said of the father when his son was violent towards him that he told him he loved him as he knew it was the mental illness, brought tears to my eyes as I know that this is how I could rationalise my mum and her illness

Re: Great book and easy read by Dr

@Stefee, how are you today my friend , sending you tender hugs Heart

Re: Great book and easy read by Dr

We felt that @Stefee, that story about the father is powerful Heart Sounds like a great read, we'll be searching for this at the bookstore next week

Re: Great book and easy read by Dr

I borrowed it from the library 😀 and almost finished it I’m sure you’ll enjoy the book

Re: Great book and easy read by Dr

Taking one day at a time, how are you going?

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