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Re: Not sure what to do !!!

Goodnight @Shaz51

I'm surprised when many people on forums refer to mental health teams - or assume that we all have one.

I've never heard of or seen such a thing  (except on this forum).

No one I know has ever had a MHT - or a pdoc (whatever that is).



Re: Not sure what to do !!!

@Adge, our Older Daughter has a MHT.  Am not sure that's a good thing, as it's generally only something that's in place for a short time- a few weeks, maybe a month or so to see someone through a bad patch. But her bad patches keep recurring... so she never really gets up to being "discharged" from her caseworker etc.
Basically, it means the caseworker is trying to co-ordinate between the assorted professionals she sees (plus keep a bit of oversight on emergency presentations), but it's a bit of a headache to navigate. As well as patient confidentiality issues, public and private professionals are often reluctant to act together. They've managed to more or less do so in her case, but it's not without its headaches.


Re: Not sure what to do !!!

@Shaz51, I'd think that you should be self isolating now due to health reasons, but it does increase MH strain not being able to be out and about with people, so it's a hard call.
A reasonable compromise might be ceasing the cleaning side of it, but keeping the gardening part of the business going?
With the recent changes to benefits, there might be fewer barriers than usual to you getting some form of Centrelink income support. If Mr Shaz doesn't want to, maybe enquire on your own behalf. If you can get through to anyone, that is... Smiley Frustrated But wait a week or two, and maybe they'll have better systems in place for getting applications sorted.


Re: Not sure what to do !!!

Thank you @Smc 

Yes day off today and will be a lot more, one day at a time here, 

Mr shaz mowed today 

The car goes for a service tomorrow as it has been playing up 

Got my computer in with the repair man to move data from one computer to the new computer

The grass will slow the growing now since it is autumn 

Yes, Mr shaz we might need to try centre link again soon 

Our  children are finding things hard too 


Re: Not sure what to do !!!

Hi @Shaz51 @Smc

I'm following along with what you said (& how you're going).

I now have more medical issues to add to my chronic ones.

I've got on-going very high blood pressure (that won't come down).

Dr said I need to reduce my stress levels – to try to lower my blood pressure.

I have no idea how to do that, other than maybe frequent relaxation exercises - Dr suggested, but gave no examples.

Will start medication (today) for prostate problems (which also lowers blood pressure) - then blood pressure meds as well, if that is not enough.

My Disability work may shut down (due to cancellations & restrictions), by the end of this week - I earnestly hope not.

Thinking of you.




Re: Not sure what to do !!!

Hope the BP meds helps @Adge 

I am on bp meds too 

Finger crossed for your work xx 


Re: Not sure what to do !!!

Thanks @Shaz51 I appreciate it.

Fingers crossed for your mowing, cleaning & gardening work too.

I hate Centrelink, they scare the.... out of me.

Sometimes we (you or I) just have to deal with them, unfortunately.


Re: Not sure what to do !!!

Quiet this week already @Adge 

Going to be quiet for a while 

Mr shaz does not like centre link and we might have too go there one day 


Re: Not sure what to do !!!

Hey @Shaz51, thinking of you, and your Mr.



Re: Not sure what to do !!!

thinking of you too @Smc , how are you and your family going xx

My 3 step children have all lost their jobs and step D1 thinks she will have hers later 

finally got the car back $$$$

got my computer back $$$

my mum did something totally unexpended, i will have to try and fix up on monday 

last night mr shaz could not cope anymore and then S3 rang him 

not a good night 

today we voted and did a little shopping 

and mr shaz has gone to bed and it is raining 

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