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Something’s not right

Re: My special place

@Snowie , I know where you are because I’ve been there over and over for years, and many attempts. I’m not through yet, my session today was about si and how strong it’s been lately. I hear you and feel for you. I’m not a strong person at all but somehow still here. You can get through this too. 

0C83CB72-E410-4B39-83C7-D55E3984A22C.jpegIMG_0303.jpeg2B9EDC56-D88A-4595-91B6-AD8498DDF326.jpegSitting with you

Re: My special place

Thanks @Teej for understanding.

I don't feel strong enough to survive this any longer.

I don't want to distress anyone on here with my problems.

I am unworthy, useless and done.

Re: My special place

Just get through tonight @Snowie , just tonight is all you need to do. 

Sending hugs and hope. 

Re: My special place

Hi @Snowie ,


My name is Buddy13 and I am a moderator for SANE.

Sorry to hear you are having a difficult time.

I have sent you an email to check in.

Kindest Regards

Re: My special place

Sitting with you too @Snowie  .... 💜❄️🤝💕

Re: My special place

Sending you a bucketload of 💙 this morning @Snowie

Re: My special place

@Snowie Those feelings are so hard to get through and when the intensity of them make you feel like there is no other way out it can feel like there is only one direction to take. You know I know that only too well. There are few words that can help when you feel like this and the only thing that helped me through was the very wonderful people here that sat with me, encouraged me and supported me until those feelings eased a little - and they will ease Hon. I know right now it does not feel like that so we are here to hold you up in the meantime because you are special to us, worthy of our support and very much cared for. Heart

Re: My special place



@Snowie ❄️💕

Re: My special place

@Snowie ❤❤

Re: My special place

So good to 'see' you tonight @Snowie No response necessary Hon but sending you my love and here if you need Heart

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