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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Lots going on...

Hello forum people. Not sure where to start, some of you seem pretty down. Not me, I am doing okay in the mood sense, since my life is pretty sound. Having an interesting day though - can't remember a thing - keep forgetting appointments and being a bit useless really. Interested in the exercise thing - love to run and play soccer and the occasional bike ride plus yoga for my back. Would run now but bit frightened of over doing it and saw this forum - thought i would pop in.

Diagnosed with Bi-polar 6 or 7 years ago now. Explains a lot. Bit arty, hated school with a passion, could never stay at a job. Don't like excessive smells, noises, uncomfortable clothing etc. Had shocking depression at first, then started swinging back and forth. Still do but so much better. Bit fast lately, that's why I am here. Wish I could type as fast as I can think! Have a new partner - don't want to hurt her. Need to keep my shit together. Probably should give up caffeine but I gave up alcohol 5 years ago and not ready to let it go. Sleep is interupted but i work hard to protect it - have to, so important!

Any way, just thought i would say hello Smiley Happy



Re: Lots going on...

Hullo @Mulgajane


I am glad you dropped in - you are most welcome


Perhaps you are dipping your toe into the water to test it - there is a lot of social inter action the Forum Family here and anyone can join in - 


Yes - there are people who are down at times - and we all are there sometimes - some more than others - and we support each other


There are arty people, people who hated school, people who have trouble holding onto a job, people who don't like noises and smells - that's me - or uncomfortable clothing - neither do I - people who swing back and forth - 


And people accept each other - it is amazing how people care for each other here - if you are looking for a place to share yourself - whatever mood you have on right then - you will be accepted here


Of course you don't want to hurt your new partner - and you want to keep your shit together - good aims - totally understood here - and you have been sober for 5 years - that is fabulous - congratulations - well done


I am glad you dropped in - I hope you will stay



Re: Lots going on...

Hi @Mulgajane, I have the bipolar diagnosis too, from about nine years ago. Before that lots of depression and, though I didn't recognise them really, mood swings in the extreme. I just thought everyone was like that, wasn't paying attention, something like that. Or just thought I was one of those extreme kinds of people. Also had about 50 jobs in my life (some freelance and very temporary), and long periods where I just couldn't work (I don't work a regular job now). Lots of other experiences that are classic bipolar. There are quite a few of us with bipolar on the forum. 

It's great that your life is sound now. Understand your fear of hurting your partner. I live with that anxiety in relation to my companion (C). But the longer I go without getting too angry, irritable or restless, the more confidence I have that this doesn't need to be a part of my life anymore. I'm also into coffee way too much and my sleep is forever out of whack.

Anyway, all this is just to say hi and welcome. Hope you find something meaningful for you at the forum. Smiley Happy

Re: Lots going on...

hello @Mulgajane and welcome to the forum

my husband  has Bipolar 11

we have lots of social threads which are great to get involve in

Re: Lots going on...

Thankyou Dec for your welcome - i like swans too and at this time of year they fly past my house, sometimes an arrow head of them high in the daylight sky and sometimes I hear their beautiful eerie honking in the night sky - i am drawn to them too.

Re: Lots going on...

I am pleased to meet you Mazarita, thank you for your welcome. Your life sure sounds familiar to me, I can see the benefit of this forum already since I don't talk to other bipolar folk.

Re: Lots going on...

Thankyou Shaz51,
I do indeed have a pair of border collies Smiley Happy

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