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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

Lost in the New Year

So, I haven't written here for a while. To be honest, haven't been doing good. Changed doctors, because I don't think the last GP understood me, or took me very seriously. Went to the new doctor after work, and well, he said that after reading through my file, seeing all the things I have done and tried to meet people and find friends and make connections, that he doesn't know what else to suggest or try that might help. Many years of therapy hasn't worked, and he said sending me to yet another one will just be repeating the cycle of frustration for all involved. Medications haven't worked. It is just like trying to treat the symptoms, while the cause of them is still happening. And I know it's still there, still happening. I know the loneliness is still there, that there is still nobody to share anything with, nobody to go out with, that the physical and emotional deprivation is still there. 

I feel more alone. More lost. The new year has started feeling more invisible than ever. 


Re: Lost in the New Year

@JosRapp  Hey JosRapp I am so glad that you have posted. Have been thinking of you and wondering how you have been going.  Sorry to hear that things are no better for you but happy that you are trying a new therapist and doctor (it cannot hurt). Love peax


Re: Lost in the New Year

Hey @JosRapp ,


Happy new year Smiley Happy


I am sorry you are struggling with thing, especially when you haven tried so hard to make changes.  I feel like I am hanging on by my fingertips lately and can relate to some of what you are going through.  


Maybe give the new GP a little bit of time, they might think of something that can help in time.  Sometimes its diffucult to come up with something when your put on the spot.


Aloha @greenpea , happy 2020 Smiley Happy  It's really nice that you have been able to keep up your exercises and healthy efforts.  I've been feeling pretty flat and have been slackening off.  I have been on and off some meds so I think that might be part of the reason.  Some other stuffs going on like most people here.


Re: Lost in the New Year

@Gazza75  Hey Gazza75 good to see you. I have been eating naughty and good but also still exercising so dont feel too guilty Smiley Very Happy. How are your pictures going?


Re: Lost in the New Year

Hey @greenpea  Smiley Happy

Still getting used to seeing you around in the daylight hours!  Smiley Wink

I'm working on a big picture 120x80.. might have bitten off more than I can chew.

I think its a hard time of year to be just good.  Glad your shoes are still hitting the pavement and the exercise is still happening  Smiley Happy Heart



Re: Lost in the New Year

@Gazza75  cant wait to see your mastpiece when it is finished Smiley Happy. Thank you re excerise and healthy eating we are all human after all and can only do our best. Smiley Happyxxx


Re: Lost in the New Year

@greenpea Not going to a new therapist. The doctor won't send me to another one, since it has never worked in all the others I went to. 

@Gazza75 sorry you are struggling too. 

I'm tired of being alone alone in the world. Tired of it feeling like a fight to even just find someone, somewhere, to talk with. Let alone finding any other connection. 

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