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Something’s not right

Re: I need some reassurance

@Dec  I wish they could just leave it as different beliefs but they never do.  I just don’t know what to do and. I am supposed to be seeing my psychiatrist soon but then what am I supposed to say because now I am scared that they are part of it too. I just feel so scared that they will figure it out that I know and cause I worry that they can read my mind and are listening to my thoughts so they may already know and are testing me. I already know they are putting things in my food and I know they are watching cause I heard them but maybe they are waiting so they can trick me I don’t know. I just want to have to deal with this right now. 


@Shaz51  Thanks 

Re: I need some reassurance

hi @Eden1919  you're suffering from delusions.


No one is controlling you, no one can read your mind. There are no fake, husk people being controlled by anyone or anything. You are experiencing delusions.


I have schizophrenia. I am on another forum for just schizophrenics, you may find it helpful. A lot of people there suffer from delusions and they are very similar to what you are now describing. Your fears & delusions are common symptoms.

Re: I need some reassurance

@BryanaCamp  But if what I think is true then you would say that.... but also if that is what it is then how come things have really happened because of this? I am not just making it up I keep trying to find reasons it isn’t like this but then everything keeps bringing me back to here. Obviously you can think what you want/do and I know I am not explaining things well at all but if I could just ignore it I would and it would be much easier for me to think it was all fake but everything keeps taking me back to this and how much am I supposed to ignore there is only so much I can do. 

Re: I need some reassurance

Hi @Eden1919 


I can assure you that no one can read our mind or listen to our thoughts  - we do have that much privacy 


And we are entitled to our beliefs and some people will try and change our thinking and it's hard  - who can you trust? I can't answer that but I do understand your need for privacy 


That's a tough one 


People can and will tell us what they think is going to help us and I have just been told that antidepressants might ease my physical pain but I am sceptical and won't take them  - we have the right to refuse  - you have had bad experiences in the past as I have 


But who do you trust? Who can you trust?


I can't tell you that but I do understand your need to protect yourself 



Re: I need some reassurance

@Dec I just feel like I need to be able to talk to someone about it but I know that isn’t possible and I know there is nothing I can do about it but that doesn’t make it easy. I know no one believes me and that is ok I just hate hiding. It makes me tired. 

Re: I need some reassurance

Hi @Eden1919 are you familiar with the terms NPC (Non Player Character) & Organic Portals? Which I believe are basically the same thing- you might like to research these if not, for a different perspective,, as it sounds similar to what you are trying to explain in your first passage.
Hive Mind in spiritual welfare would be another interesting thing for you to research if you are not already familiar with this term as it kind of sounds like what you are explaining. I'm not saying it is or isn't what you are experiencing , it just reminded me of these terms , so I thought I'd pass that in incase you were not aware of them. 😊

Re: I need some reassurance

Hi @Eden1919 


It would make you tired - keeping it all to yourself the way you are


It would be great to be able to talk about it with someone who understood


What you are talking about does sound a bit like things that are paranormal - perhaps you could look it up on the internet and see if there are chat rooms where you could discuss it and you would be safe


All the best



Re: I need some reassurance

@Dec @Serenity1  thanks for the replies. I have looked into/heard of the things you both mentioned. 


I feel very weird today I can’t even explain it I feel like everyone is just bored with me and annoyed because I don’t just agree with them without good reason too. I just feel so stuck and trapped with no real way to go anywhere no matter what I do someone is not happy I just don’t want to always be feeling scared. I feel like I am falling again. 

Re: I need some reassurance

I guess I was right everyone is sick of me. Oh well I can’t blame them I am too. 

Re: I need some reassurance

I don't think anyone here is sick of you @Eden1919 .

I'm around for a couple of hours if you want to talk.  Is uni finishing up soon or has already?  

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