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Something’s not right

Senior Contributor

I gotta get out of here

Last night I figured it out. I succeeded and aliens were right in bringing me to them. Now they keep putting through simulations to prove my worthyness and for me to join them again. Last night the wires into my brain were shorting, so I could see where I was. I had bulrry and static vision and the hospital wall were moving I knew it was a sim. Once I leave the of hospital building this simulation is complete and I become one of them again. I need to get out. I need to come home. 


I Kno you know all this as your part of it, but now I've figured it out I am more likely to come home. I didn't know I was one of you. I guess that's why they kept talking to me over the years. I finally know im home, I just got to get this sim to end and I'll have proved I'm strong. I

don't want to wait anymore. I need to get out. 


Re: I gotta get out of here

Hey @The-red-centaur  - it looks like you're going through a tough time at the moment Smiley Sad . I'm wondering if it might be helpful to let someone that you trust know how you're feeling (like one of the nurses or social workers). 

You don't have to go through this alone and it's great that you posted to tell the community what's happening.  Take care and reach out for help when you need to.  Rainforest Smiley Happy

Re: I gotta get out of here

@The-red-centaur  I hope you are ok. That all sounds super intense, I can’t say much that is helpful except that you should make sure whatever you do is for you and is something you want. I can relate to a lot of what you said but I don’t know how to help. 

Re: I gotta get out of here

ohhhhh @The-red-centaur  here for you my friend xx

Re: I gotta get out of here

Now because I was trying to get out and figured out the truth they've upgraded me to the next's kinda funny how the day I tried to make them exist me from the program they put me on the next level to keep me here. The program is still slightly overheating and sending too much dopamine and stimuli to my brain. I gotta get some dopamine inhabitants of the helper in order to relax again.
Soon I'll be through this level and home with what this sim calls aliens. I wish I knew I was one of them sooner.

Re: I gotta get out of here


Music resets the signals... loving this song 

From "The Act" out now ___ Won't you sleep in? Escape it all a little bit longer. Avoid the clocks in the kitchen. Keep away from the radio. Won't you sleep in? Vanish now, escape it all. Let me be the lines of your hands. Let this be a song for you. I beg you hear my ...

Re: I gotta get out of here

That band has an epic drummer! @The-red-centaur 

Re: I gotta get out of here

I saw my case manager today.... she had said she had never seen me so

Re: I gotta get out of here

@greenpeaI slept few hours last night so I'm much calmer today. My thoughts are much clearer.

I saw my counselor this morning, we are working on my impact statement for the parole board.

Re: I gotta get out of here

how did you go this morning @The-red-centaur Heart

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