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Something’s not right

Casual Contributor

Feeling Weak

I’m feeling weak atm so much stress and I sometimes want to quit.I have a motto tattooed on my chest that says Never Give Up but things are getting real hard for me.Last week I was feeling really Suicide and I cried a lot thinking how long to go till I feel normal after being diagnosed with schizophrenia 23 years ago.I need help please, I don’t want to live like this anymore.


Re: Feeling Weak

Hi @Serenity_13


Welcome to the SANE Forums! Smiley Happy


I'm so sorry to hear how difficult things are for you at the moment. I can hear how hard you are trying to "Never Give Up," but sometimes it can be a real struggle to continue surviving whilst dealing with thoughts of suicide. Smiley Sad


I just wanted to let you know that I have sent you a check-in email.


Please let us know if you are feeling safe for now.




Re: Feeling Weak

Hi @Serenity_13 and welcome to the forum.

I like the sound of your tattoo. I have two that are kind of the same thing. They're my reminders to keep on keeping on when it gets hard. I hold on to them though sometimes it gets really hard to do. Do you have any other tattoos?

Too much stress sucks and causes huge problems for me as I believe it does for many others. It's exhausting and makes everything hard. When you're stuck in the middle of it all its hard to imagine it ever getting better (or I find anyway).

Is there anyone in your life you can talk to about how you're feeling, or who knows how things are going for you at the moment?

You're not alone in feeling how you're feeling and there's lots of understanding and support here on the forum. Please keep talking if it helps.

Re: Feeling Weak

Thanks I haven’t got anymore tattoos it’s probably the only one I’ll have.Its afternoon now and my feelings have gotten better with a lot of work by distracting my mind.Im new to this it will take a bit of time to get the hang of.I have a few people I can talk to but sometimes I need to talk to people with similar problems.😁

Re: Feeling Weak

Really glad to hear you're feeling better this afternoon @Serenity_13 🙂 What kinds of things do you do to distract your mind?

I find it so helpful to talk with people who get it, and so much of that 'getting it' comes from lived experience. It's really good to see you here 😊

One tip that helped me when I first joined was to use the @ symbol to tag. It helps us see and reply to messages 🙂 Have you had a look around the forum? Heaps to join in with and read if you'd like.

Re: Feeling Weak

@CheerBear I usually listen to music it depends one day I may listen to Hip Hop or like now I’m listening to David Bowie it settles me and I concentrate on the lyrics and the different instruments.I guess, T.v,going for a walk or just simply play Xbox one with my children that usually helps a lot it makes the day go fast and I can focus on other things in my life rather than the illness.I try and read when I’m in the mood not much lately 😁Drawing like doing graffiti on paper and writing rhymes about my life helps therapeutically.I feel like I do a lot but sometimes I don’t feel like doing anything at all.I also clean a couple of hours a week to help me in my recovery.😁It’s a challenge for me but I do feel very anxious about going to work most times but it’s very rewarding to my health.😁I hope I can make some good friendships here because I feel I need to escape from my family and friends sometimes and exchange ideas,support and advice,I think that’s a healthy choice for me to experience.😁I hope you are doing well and thanks for your support and friendship.😁

Re: Feeling Weak

Sounds like you have so many things to help keep you busy and distracted @Serenity_13 🙂 How many children do you have?

It's great that you find work a rewarding challenge and that it helps you in your recovery. I started some volunteer work this year which has been challenging but rewarding also.

All of those you listed above are great things to look for and find here! I'll tag a few others who you may see around and who might come by and say hi @outlander, @eth, @Shaz51, @Maggie, @Gazza75, @greenpea 👋🙂

Looking forward to seeing you around.

Re: Feeling Weak

thanks for the tag @CheerBear .

hi,  @Serenity_13 and welcome from me also. I do a lot to distract myself also. I have a rogue mind. It never stops, so I channel into crafts when I can. Like you, there are times I can’t, and it’s riding the storm and just hanging on.

Its hard going, no argument from me there.

I hope to bump into you around the forums. If you would like to share any of your craft/drawings, there’s a popular craft thread started by @CheerBear, maybe we will meet there.

Re: Feeling Weak

@Maggie That would be great I would love to share my art and rhymes with all .Maybe I could see some great stuff from others on this forum too.Im glad that I joined today it feels like a major footstep in my recovery process and people have been so kind and responsive it’s made my day interesting and I have a lot more will to live knowing there’s many people going threw the same thing.Thanks to all for making me feel so welcomed.😁

Re: Feeling Weak

Hi @Serenity_13 and welcome!
I to am a lover of the arts and crafts. Would love to see some of your projects on the craft thread too Smiley Happy

I can also understand how hard it is when we are feeling constantly suicidal too. Ive found art to be quite helpful too.

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