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Something’s not right

Re: Exhausted and worried

thinking of you lots today @SuzieQ , how is everything today xoxo

Re: Exhausted and worried

Thanks @Shaz51, my daughter is going into hospital (psych) next week Im hoping they can help her

Re: Exhausted and worried

It is good that your daughter has an appointment next week @SuzieQ. Has this had an impact on anything at home? Hoping you are feeling supported and encouraged at the moment.


Re: Exhausted and worried

Thanks for your kindness @Ali11  in enquiring about my well being. My daughter is going in to stay at the ward for a week due to constant thoughts of ending her life. Earlier this year she did make an attempt to end her life and she was in the ward for a week which did help. I feel sick with worry about her and also relieved that I will get a break.

Re: Exhausted and worried

It is understandable to be looking forward to a break @SuzieQ. Remember to be kind to yourself as you are to your daughter. Thinking of you x

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