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Something’s not right

New Contributor

Depression- Tough time and need advice


I'm new here so sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place! I really need some advice re depression and keeping my job? I've taken so many sick days before whenever I am in a bad place my work attendance is the first to go. I am really trying to kick the habit especially considering I just got a new job and I really need to keep this one. I have tried everything to identify the triggers and I know I'm more likely to call in sick if I feel too tired so I am prioritising self care and sleep but I'm nervous about my first week and I can feel myself already coming up with reasons not to go. Anyone else struggle with work attendance or has in the past? ANY advice would be really helpful!


Re: Depression- Tough time and need advice

hi @Anon112 and welcome
it sounds really tough for you atm. do you have supports helping you work through your depression and helping you to work out your triggers?

I hope others who struggle with work will join in as well. We do have a topic Tuesday chat coming up to do with work that might be helpful to you as well.

Please feel free to join In with any thread you feel comfortable with. If you want to tag a member just place a @ before there name just as ive done for you, that way they will get a notification.

Re: Depression- Tough time and need advice

@Anon112 I have been like this since teenager. Every morning I just want to stay in bed with depression. But I got through school,uni and work. I just force myself every day. There was a time I just couldn't go to work. But I had some support that I made it. May be talk to work to see if can get support.

Re: Depression- Tough time and need advice

I struggled with this too...Especially when i was a chef.


I'd  literally have to force myself to go and then just take the day as it came.

I worried too much that I'd be letting everyone down by not attending. 


There were a few days that i had to excuse myself and go have a cry in the toilets or I'd say i was too sick and needed to go home.


I believe in you ❤ 

Take it one day at a time and if it helps maybe tell a manager/boss about it and explain your situation. 


Sending love 

Re: Depression- Tough time and need advice

hi @Bella_95  and welcome to you as well. I hope you find being here helpful. Please feel free to join in anywhere you like and create a thread for yourself so we can support you through your journey. 

a little forum tip is to put an @before a members name just as ive done for you so that they get a notification that your talking to them

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