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Something’s not right

Re: D.I.D....

Continuing to think of you and family @Smc 


Re: D.I.D....

Ta @Determined (and @Darcy).

The pattern continues... I'm not sleeping very well at the moment.

Re: D.I.D....

Sorry to hear that @Smc 

Being stuck in that loop and the helpless feeling while watching is heart breaking. 

Will continue to 🙏 for your family. 

Re: D.I.D....

Thinking of you too @Smc . 

Re: D.I.D....

How are you sleeping at present @Smc 


Re: D.I.D....

Mosty poorly, I'm afraid. :/ Both Hubby and I slept well a couple of nights ago, but last night was back to the "restless" pattern.

Yesterday was a little messy. Older Daughter has had a gasto bug... seems as a result she hasn't been drinking enough, and she got dehydrated. She went into the hospital, we were in the "big town" for the morning, but got a call late morning from her asking if we could take her home when she was discharged. That stretched out late... "for the morning" ended up being until "well into the evening".
Could have been worse, but it's all stress...


I think I've got a touch of the same bug myself, but fairly mild. On and off nausea, but I'm able to get on with life  in between.

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