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Something’s not right

Re: Can someone help me

Is anyone around atm

Re: Can someone help me

Hi @Pepsimax ..... 👋

I am just dropping in to say Hi before I get up and going.  Feeling tired this morning, but I did walk a lot yesterday.

Re: Can someone help me

Hi @Zoe7 @Faith-and-Hope @Snowie @Maggie @CheerBear @utopia @Wanderer @Ant @greenpea and everyone else around I didn't sleep last night will have a nap later what are you guys doing today

Re: Can someone help me

@Pepsimax Hi Pepsimax  I will try and stay warm today it is freezing where I live! but sunny. I have a daughter in hospital so will stay online for most of the day so that she can email me if she is feeling lonely or just needs her mum.

Will you be going for a swim today? 

Re: Can someone help me

Hi @greenpea swimming was yesterday I'll be around some of the day have a nap later

Re: Can someone help me

Hiya @Pepsimax. I noticed you had a hard night last night. Hugs for you. It wasn't a very good one for me either.

I've been running around this morning with school stuff for one of mine. Appointment with my mental health worker for NDIS stuff next. I could really use a nap I think - so tired 😩 Hope you get one in.

Hoping your daughter is doing ok @greenpea.

Re: Can someone help me

@CheerBear wretched NDIS good luck with it all CheerBear. They have underfunded my son so we are appearling it is just ridiculous.... hope yours goes smoothly Smiley Happy

Thanks re: daughter Smiley Happy

Re: Can someone help me

Sorry to hear that @greenpea. The stories I'm hearing and my limited experience with it so far are not so great. I am still at the access request stage and have just over 2 weeks left of an extension to submit the initial paperwork. I've had some moments with it (and the NDIA) already 🙄

How are you going @Pepsimax? Hope you're having an OK or better than that afternoon 💟

Re: Can someone help me

@CheerBear Yes my representative said the first year the NDIS were giving out money left right and centre now they are cutting back. Kind of reminds me of when I was organizing the DSP for my son I was so cranky about it as he has had the diagnosis at 2 1/2 then more later on and they still wanted to interview him ... the interview took all of 5 mins to approve my son was manic at the time I thought he would explode lol funny to watch. 

Re: Can someone help me

I'm finding some similarities also @greenpea. I submitted my DSP application a couple of weeks ago and now I'm waiting for the interview/s. I feel pretty broken having been through these processes so far, but hopefully if they're approved, I can get back to working on what I want to be working on and what helps, again. Absolutely bananas systems sometimes.

Good luck with the appeal and sorry you have to go through it. It's not fair. Crossing everything your son can get the support he deserves. He's lucky to have a support like you to fight with/for him.

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