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Something’s not right

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Borderline personality disorder

My daughter, aged 18, has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, it has been difficult on her older sister, 2 years older.


She also has a cannibus dependency. 


Sadly today we were in the courts as the older child caused the sufferer of BPD to lash out and the police charged her excessively  I've had three and half years of pain. Whilst this has been ongoing I have fought melanoma. Just didn't seem fair today


I thought we had ask the help we could muster with the top medical and legal teams all at my own expense  Sadly not our day.


Re: Borderline personality disorder

hi @MotherBPD can I ask if your daughter has any support from a psychologist, psychiatrist and her gp?
I have BPP myself and without my supports and also my medications I find I become very unstable very quickly.

Can I also ask if you and your other daughter have supports for yourselves? it can be hard being around those you love who are struggling and you deserve to have support too.

Re: Borderline personality disorder

@outlander thanks for your reply.

We don't really have any support in place. It is sort of available but is costly. Just seems ridiculous to now allow magistrate to do her bit. 


Yesterday the barrister and pyschiatrist report was over 5,000 dollars, we planned on my daughter to seek the guidance of her to pyschiatrist to attend a BPD specialist (psychologist) at my expense.


It now feels like they will just chuck her in rehab and that will be all  


Re: Borderline personality disorder

some womens health centres offer free counselling sessions @MotherBPD and also your gp can write a referral to get medicare rebates as well so youll get either free or most of what you pay for a sesson back.

Re: Borderline personality disorder

I feel for you.  After years of up/down episodes with our daughter we were told she has Borderline personality disorder . at the same time we were told that her chronic suicidality is personality and not mental illness.. and no, we couldn't see her (17.5yrs). she was sent to a refuge and hasn't spoken to us since early June. My partner has since been in and out of MHW with suicidal episodes. his diagnosis varies - schitzoaffective displorder, bp2 and ocd. My mum had strokes in March and is far less independent- partner asked me to put my degree aside while I care for him.  I'm a terrible carer - falling apart at this stage.  ferl like I'm wading through treacle and crying often. I tried to involve aftercare (we have 3 kids at home wearing all this stress in various ways & despite my poor best efforts) but partner hit the roof at me needing support -  accusing me of making it about me: I'm sinking  failing being a positive support to my kids,  failing my degree, failing to take ion the responsibility of sufficiently caring for my mothrr  and noe failing as a partner and carer. 

I'm 100% empathetic to your pain at being pushed out of our precious child's life. I don't have answers, just understanding.

Re: Borderline personality disorder

@MotherBPD and all this site here might be of help to you too.

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