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Something’s not right

Re: Am Not Coping

Thanks you @Zoe7

Do you find DBT useful?

Just taking it easy atm before work tonight. Coffee hit.

Re: Am Not Coping

I didn't sleep well last night @utopia but I got about 3 hours this morning. It was a very long day and night and I am tsking it easy today. been snuggled up with Toby for most of the day ...still haven't done the vacuuming which I really need to do - might try to do a little tonight after I have my pain killers then tske meds and go to bed early.

How are you travelling my beautiful cocky friend?


@Hamsolo01  I think DBT will be useful eventually but for now it is a matter of going and getting through each week. I have begun to make a couple of connections there which is good - I basically didn't say anything or speak to anyone for the first module which was 8 weeks but now I stay in the break and 'socialise' with another one or two members - depending on who is there. My pdoc is happy that I am going and says it usually takes until the second round of doing each mosule to get the most benefit out of it - but getting little things out of it as we go -so that is a good thing.

Re: Am Not Coping

Hugs and hugs @Zoe7 HeartHeart

Re: Am Not Coping

Fair enough @Zoe7
Ive heard it's an intense therapy to do.
Glad that you've socialised a bit with the other patients though.
Good on you. Smiley Happy

Re: Am Not Coping

@Zoe7. I'm doing really well.  No side effects from large dose AD's. Feel a bit 'happier' or rather - I'm not sad. Which I'm thankful for. My session with my psychologist last week went well and I came away thinking that I will get better - have a long long remission. 

I'm glad you have Mr Toby there with you. I'm amazed he doesn't try to crawl onto your lap all the time.  Lol.

Hopefully you will get some more sleep tonight and that you wake up with a little energy tomorrow morning. 

I hope everything else is going okay for you. 

Big hugs ♥♡♥

Re: Am Not Coping

Toby loves to snuggle into the doona I have permanently on the couch @utopia - he is like a little teddy bear that sinks into the softness of the doona and it kind of envelopes him - it is very cute. When I don't have the computer sitting on my lap you can usually find him there instead - they have a sixth sense as to when it is ok and when it is not lol


Sooooo pleased to hear how you are going - you are starting to sound like the Utopia I remember from over a year ago - so much has happened for you in the past year and it warms my heart to hear you being so positive - wtg my beautiful cocky friend Heart

Re: Am Not Coping

Thank you @Zoe7.


Re: Am Not Coping

@Faith-and-Hope missing you Hon - hope you got everything finished you needed to do today...Heart

cute kitten  cat playful pink flowers

Re: Am Not Coping

Thank you @Zoe7 ..... it’s beautiful ❣️

I haven’t read back on the thread yet.  This afternoon got messy, but in a good way .... I got some cooking done for the girls ... and I am all organised for the next couple of weeks, which feels really good.  It feels like things are starting to come under control.

Re: Am Not Coping

That has made my night @Faith-and-Hope - @greenpea and @Mazarita are having a wonderful adventure on a long rave - come over and join us Heart

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