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Re: Through One's Eyes

I struggled with modern abstract art, but it really helped me to see the transitions of individual artists, a sense of entering into their journey. It was a diverse and fecund group.  

My german spelling was bad ooops.


Re: Through One's Eyes

That’s how it was fo me @Appleblossom, learning about the person and their life, their thoughts, their creative process.

I began by sort-of ordering some of their works from their realism stage (most abstract artists are very good at realism and Impressionism), and then walking through the stages where they move through experimentation to arrive at their “new style”.  I was surprised to find Picasso using a naive style in later years than his intense cubist work, suggesting that he didn’t discard any of his prior styles or learning, he just chose to keep reproducing the abstract style he was most comfortable with under different circumstances .....

This was from a trip to the Mediterranean, for instance -A8C14765-18AD-4C84-A7E5-A1E87D8DB6BE.jpeg





Re: Through One's Eyes

Art topic this week is Realism @Zoe7 .... 🤔😏

Re: Through One's Eyes

@Faith-and-Hope Realism... Victoria Steel - “Familiarity Breeds Contempt”

Re: Through One's Eyes

I'm feeling very uneducated / lacking in culture ❤

Re: Through One's Eyes

Why do you feel that way @lapses? I have always found you to be smart and articulate Smiley Very HappyHeart

Re: Through One's Eyes

@Adge, did u have to be so quick to 'like' my last post lol or did i give you a laugh 😁

@Zoe7i just have no idea about all these art periods you guys are disgussing. All gobbilygook to me, especially tonight. Cant see it lol.

How are you all?

Re: Through One's Eyes

There are some I am not up on either @lapses - I tend to stick more with the images I like and know the periods they come from through thr artists that really resonate with me. I think we are all going to get an education following @Faith-and-Hope's art studies lol

I am doing ok tonight but think it will be an early night for me. How are you tonight @lapses and @Adge?

Re: Through One's Eyes

I liked your post @lapses because I am not creative or very cultured myself.

I'm too tired to write much right now, so Like is the Best I can do...


Re: Through One's Eyes

Just go exploring @lapses .... choose art images that you like and just enjoy them.  Little by little they become familiar and information about this field starts to stick.   All I know about nursing has been through my family’s medical dramas ..... and I am a real novice with tech stuff ..... gonna learn something about that in this course too .....

Have some fun exploring @lapses 😊

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