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Re: Saturday Soiree - all welcome!!

@Shaz51 That must be lovely living in a small town Heart  Like I said I am semi regional so still kind of in the burbs but not quite in the sticks.


Theres lovely public parks and grassland out this way.  I am not far from the Australia Garden which is a huge indigenous botanic park.  I've been there sightseeing.  We also have the Grand Prix out this way on Phillip Island - we are the last fairy penguins for those who have never seen them


The storms were really bad yesterday but at least its not boiling hot.  Where are you? Country Victoria or NSW?


I am 50 years old now so hitting the bigger numbers,  I honestly don't know how I got this old after so many folk in my life dying.  Have been surrounded by bereavement Man Sad 


Today I decided I would go to a carvery for lamb roast and just caught a taxi home as my basket was full of grocery.


Not many people know how to self care - its a learned skill. I saw a discussion on Deepak Chopras site on it - it was a free audio but you could go on and do an entire course. I decided I knew enough from the discussion so with the knowledge and ideas set myself to the task of changing my self talk first and being more tolerant with what I can and can't do.


Theres so much negative self talk so now I just treat myself with kindness and don't set the bar too high to standards I can't reach.  Over the years I realised how much I was trying to live up to able-bodied/minded standards that were unrealistic. Its certainly made my life easier and I don't feel bad if I can't function on certain days.


Tomorrow I am going to a psychic expo.  It will have lots of palm readers, psychics, astrologers and crystals.  Its a local "do" so will hop along and check it out. I hope I have enough energy to go.  My friend before she died was an astrologer and we used to get into all kinds of new age stuff together.


So the psychic fair should be good.  I have another facebook friend who is a professional psychic in Tasmania.  Shes usually right on the mark with her psychic abilities.


I hope you have a nice weekend! 

Re: Saturday Soiree - all welcome!!

Hi @Shaz51 I did my Saturday Trauma Yoga course (4th class).

Then felt feverish & sick when I got home - I couldn't eat any lunch (yuk).

I hope I haven't  managed to get a nasty Bug (or virus) from one of my clients - they so love sharing them with me (no hygiene).



Re: Saturday Soiree - all welcome!!

@Shaz51 hey Shazzy

Re: Saturday Soiree - all welcome!!

Topic Tuesday //The pet effect: animals are good for our wellbeing! // Tues 18 Feb, 7pm AEDT

TT LE Tile.jpg


Whether you have a pet that makes a huge difference to your wellbeing or you have the pleasure of connecting with animals in wildlife on walks or nearby you! There are lots of ways animals impact our mental health and we have decided to do a whole Topic Tuesday dedicated to talking about just that! We may even share some funny animal memes??! Come along and get involved. 




Want to receive an email reminder on the night? Hit the 'Support' button below.

The Pet Effect: Animals are good for our wellbeing!

Lived Experience

Tue 18 Feb ---7pm AEDT

Come along, talk and share the impact animals have on your wellbeing

@Smiling_Gecko , @eth , @Meowmy , @Adge , @Hamsolo01 , @Hope4me , @Darcy , @Adge , @outlander , @frog , @greenpea , @BlueBay , @Ant7 , @Wanderer , @Maggie , @Exoplanet , @Queenie , @TAB , @utopia , @Kurra , @Mazarita , @Gazza75 , @Time , @Boots , @Boo13 , @Battleweary , @Sophie1 , @Sophia1 , @Appleblossom , @Jacques , @Determined , , @Sherry , @EOR , @Sans911 , @Snowie , @Scoo 

Re: Saturday Soiree - all welcome!!

Windows 10 upgrade notices are getting out of hand. : funny

Re: Saturday Soiree - all welcome!!

Windows has been Updating for over 1 & 1/2 hours....

Now it doesn't want to let us Log off & shut down...

Funny Security Pictures - Freaking News

Re: Saturday Soiree - all welcome!!

Yes please. I have a cat and have just started to follow #owlkitty on Facebook. Hilarious!

Re: Saturday Soiree - all welcome!!

Sympathy on the Windows front @Adge 

At least your sense of humour is intact!

IT hassles make me cringe but that pic made me smile.

Re: Saturday Soiree - all welcome!!

Ayyyy my @frog 

How Are you xoxo 

Have you any furbabies ?? Topic Tuesday is all about pets tomorrow night xx 

Re: Saturday Soiree - all welcome!!

I know, IT problems make me cringe too @frog

I've had far more than my fair share of computers frying themselves, hard-drives crashing, hackers getting onto computer, viruses, etc....

Hi @Shaz51 I have more than 50 feathered friends (family) - about 9 different bird species.

Plus one Cat, who thinks she Rules the Roost....


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