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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

I was once on a job site where a chainsaw was arked up at 10 am not knowing that the nice people next door had been drinking and partying until the early hours. 

Cry babies did not like it so much when the shoe was on the other foot lol. 


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

No it's Electiric @Determined Probably far too quiet.

I shall have to get a petrol 2-Stroke one.

The old Victor 2-Stroke Mowers used to be brilliant (probably not available).

The illegal (unregistered) 2-Stroke motorcycle (across the road) is very noisy....


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Has it cooled down a little today @Adge ?

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Yes it is cooler today @Darcy Thanks.

Still warm, though more manageable.

I worried that I might lose my baby Java finches, through over-heating.

As far as I can see they are still happily bobbing their heads in the nestbox - though not peering out through the hole, like yesterday.

I don't usually do nestbox inspections - because many finches (& budgies) abandon their babies, when you get too close (they throw them out of the nest).

So that's why I don't always know there are baby birds in the nest - until they come out, fully-feathered.


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Interesting re nesting  @Adge

Not so hot = 👍

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

I'm off shortly @Darcy @Shaz51 @Determined @Smc

To have Moscato, cheese & crackers with my back neighbour.

I bought her slices of Passionfruit topped Cheesecake.

She says she loves hearing my Canaries singing (over the fence).

We haven't done our reciprocal invites as often recently - so I shall have to get onto that.

It's my turn to invite her over (next), in fact I think today was supposed to be my turn...


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

To have Moscato, cheese & crackers--- ohhh yummm @Adge 

I would really like that now

love to have a glass of wine

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Yes @Shaz51 I should buy Moscato for myself (I never do).

I only like sweet wines (not dry), either white or red.

Fortunately for me, my neighbour likes sweet wines (mostly Moscato), so that's what we have.

I don't drink much, just a little to help me to sleep (sometimes).

One glass is my limit - otherwise I get too sleepy (& can't talk).


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

I only like sweet wines too @Adge 

my step D1 brought me a Moscato

I don't drink much,either , one glass for me

trying to get mr shaz to cut back -- he is down to 1 or 2 glasses at the moment

and we have not had any now for 4 nights @Darcy 

love to have one glass now xx

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