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Re: Far and Away

Yes, I am so glad they have been there for you @Zoe7 . That was wonderful, and I hope it helps you to feel closer to each other ongoing πŸ’•


As much as my hubby’s family would prefer to believe that he is not unwell, and the fact that his unwell behaviours - those that can be seen - are ones that are idolised by society generally, if he does suffer a health crisis I know that they would all rally around immediately to do whatever they could to help.  It’s just really sad that it will take some sort of collapse for anyone to be able to see the big picture.


I am getting sleepy now, and I have to leave early tomorrow to pick up some materials on my way to class, so I had better head off now ..... are you going to be okay ? 


I know @Maggie is a night owl, so she might still be up, and if @Sherry is around, she is now on WA time .....

Re: Far and Away

Yes Hon I will be okay - have things I can do for a while longer then will snuggle up with Toby on the couch and see if I can get at least a little sleep.


I very much hear you about Mr. and it must be so scary to know that it will probably take a health crisis for others to see the big picture. I know you still love the man you married and that it is just as hard for you to see him this way. Love to you @Faith-and-Hope Heart


I might sign off myself now too Hon. Thank you so much for keeping me company - It has actually been really nice catching up with you. We don't often have that time anymore with your uni and my work so it has been really nice to have me some F&H time πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸŒΉ


Goodnight sweetheart. I hope you get everything you need to get done in the morning and your day at uni gives you some joy. You know I love ya but saying it anyway 😘


Re: Far and Away

Hey @Sans911 Hope you are doing okay Hon. I am going to head off now but saw you there and wanted to say hi first HI πŸ’β€

Re: Far and Away

Good night @Zoe7 @Faith-and-Hope 


Sherry 😴

Re: Far and Away

πŸ’œπŸ¦‹πŸ’• @Zoe7 

Heading off shortly, but I will be looking in on you.


Sounds like you were up late last night too @Sans911 .  3 hour difference now ..... 

Re: Far and Away

@Zoe7 Have a nice day. Take care.

Re: Far and Away

No news yet @Faith-and-Hope so I am seeing that as a good thing. Hopefully she is comfortable and sleeping and there is no infection occurring. 


Been outside in the rain this morning - forgot to put the rubbish out last night Smiley Frustrated Swept up some more in the garage also so it is much cleaner now. Going to sort and move some more things in the spare room this afternoon but want to get the ironing done and the vacuuming done first. That should keep me busy this morning. I checked out some cages last night online also and Bunnings has a larger one that could be good for Cat so may take Toby for a drive later to check it out. My sister is going to check and see if they still have the one they used for her dog when he had his operation but she thinks they have already disposed of it. I will also need to get cat litter as Cat will not be able to go outside.


Hope classes are going well and you are feeling a bit better today Heart 

Re: Far and Away

@Sherry @Meowmy @Sans911 Goodmorning to you all. Sending you hugs for today Heart

Re: Far and Away

@Zoe7 hey Zoe, thanks. Hope tour day turns out well.

Re: Far and Away

Off to work @Zoe7 @thought I would drop in and say I'm thinking of you. Hope Cat is doing ok ❀️❀️
πŸ‘‹ @Faith-and-Hope @Sherry β€οΈβ€οΈ

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