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Re: Far and Away

Thinking of you and sitting close by @Sherry Heart


Re: Far and Away

My Mum wanted to call me Sherry when I was born. But when the nurse asked if it was sweet or dry she changed her mind. And so I got another name instead.

Re: Far and Away

Well she got her wish in a way by you being Sherry here Hon - makes your name here even more meaningful @Sherry Heart

Re: Far and Away

@Faith-and-Hope I suspect there are some feelings coming up for you too tonight Hon.

Love you both @Faith-and-Hope @Sherry Heart


Re: Far and Away

@Faith-and-Hope Missing you tonight Hon - hope you are okay Heart

Re: Far and Away

I’m around @Zoe7.  I have had a commitment to take D3 to, but I am dropping in here, to stay close.


I love the story about the name @Sherry, and it makes it a special thing for you to be here that way ..... I agree.

Re: Far and Away

There you are @Faith-and-Hope Smiley Very Happy We are all sitting here together just waiting. West Coast are in front so D2 would be happy Smiley Happy

Hope the commitment with D3 is enjoyable - we all need to grasp those opportunites when we can Heart Very much thinking of you also today/tonight 💐

Re: Far and Away

💜💐 @Sherry 

Re: Far and Away


Hi @Gazza75 Smiley Happy

Your welcome. I am struggling to get the words out atm. But basically just going over the same stuff that has happen in the past. It leaves me feeling quite anxious and uneasy- its not a nice place to be. Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I find it hard to move on and let things go too. 


I will tag you in a post that I wrote to Hams it explains what has been happening. I had a friend who has said hurtful things to me- she basically said I was a nobody or that is what her mum thought of me. I am not sure that is true- her mum has passed away. I asked her about it today and she said she would never say that but that is not my reality and it has left me confused. I think my friend lacks emotional maturity at times. 


You're right about sleep- I have had quite a negative spiral from the lack of sleep. 


I am trying to write it down but its hard because there are a few things playing on my mind and I find it hard to get my thoughts onto paper and if what I am writing makes sense. Thank you for listening..

Re: Far and Away

Thinking of you today @Sherry  and @oceangirl   Sorry I didn't reply sooner, a lot has happened in my world since yesterday.

Sending warm wishes @Sherry  

Hearing you @oceangirl 

Sitting with you both today and hoping you get through it peacefully and supported.


Lots of pages of wonderful support here.  Hope today is gentle on all.  Heading out soon but will be back this afternoon if anyone wants to talk with me then.  Take care all.

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