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Re: Far and Away

@Sherry  how is our amazing Holly xoxo

Re: Far and Away

i know @Zoe7  love to see him everyday xxx

like my adorable sweetie and missy xoxo

Re: Far and Away

Fridays are good days when you see him @Shaz51 We all need that little extra love in our lives and the fur babies certainly provide that my sister.


@Sherry I hope Holly is giving you extra cuddles right now. Hold her tight Hon Heart

Re: Far and Away

very true @Zoe7 , how is Toby and Cat

yes @Sherry , I know Holly is there for you xoxo

Re: Far and Away

Toby and Cat are well @Shaz51 So relieved that Cat seems to be back to normal but still taking her to the vet Monday morning. Toby has of course not left my side all week. It has been great to be home and have the extra snuggle time with him this week.

Re: Far and Away

@Sherry  We are all here behind you Hon - holding you close...

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Re: Far and Away

i agree @Zoe7 , enjoy my  sister , have you got much happening on the weekend xoxo

Re: Far and Away

Going to do more of the giraffe, watch footy and rest up a bit longer @Shaz51 until I start planning for the upcoming term next week. Will likely have to spend a few days at work to do all that but hoping to be able to do the majority of it at home in the warmth.

Do you have any plans?


Re: Far and Away

Yes you are right @Shaz51 @Zoe7  Holly is curled up on my lap, and snoring right now. Nice and warm soft and snug.


I just spoke to my dad and brother at the hospital and mum's breathing has become more laboured, but otherwise no further change. 


Waiting is really hard. Maybe I should have just gone there after all. I expect it will be a long night. My poor brother.


@Faith-and-Hope @oceangirl @Gazza75 @BlueBay  @Peri  and others I know I have missed. I'm really sorry. Love all the beaut pics everyone ... thank you.

Re: Far and Away

sounds good my wnderful sister @Zoe7 Heart

going to watch tv tonight , hoping to hae a sleep in tomorrow and go food shopping for mum and us @Faith-and-Hope 

no planing after that xx

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