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Re: All Things Sport...

Yes I have heard that about third world countries and their better telecom services.  Pretty bad hey @Sherry 



Re: All Things Sport...

Yes very true about 5G!!!  Smiley Very Happy


We need all the luck we can get @Zoe7   Fingers crossed we can have all the luck tonight lol

Re: All Things Sport...

It was a shock that is for sure @Sherry Despite what I think about our government he was the only person who could have been leader - the rest are not worth thinking about Smiley Sad

Re: All Things Sport...

Who knows what goes on with these politicians @Sherry 

No one expected it that is for sure.

And I know NOTHING about politics but I knew that announcement came out of the blue!!!!

Re: All Things Sport...

Rain delays! Duckworth Lewis to the fore again.

Re: All Things Sport...

Finally ...a Renegades win @Scarecrowe @Sherry πŸ‘πŸ˜

Re: All Things Sport...

Yay about time!!!!  @Zoe7 @Sherry 

Even if it was a rain interrupted match and we won on D/L I will take that win.


Smiley Very HappySmiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy


Anyway I am going to bed and watch the next BB game until I nod off, ready for another exciting day at work lol.


Night to you both and all your fur babies.  

Until next chat take care and keep smiling


You guys are the best


Re: All Things Sport...

Good night @Scarecrowe ... A win is a win ... they deserved the win.😴


Tomorrow it is Sixers vs Hurricanes @Zoe7  πŸ˜€

Re: All Things Sport...

Hey @Scarecrowe @Sherry Yes my Hurricanes play tomorrow night - maybe we could actually win one Smiley Frustrated Still going here on the sorting but dropping you both off a goodnight and hope ypu are both in the land of nod right now. Hugs and hugs Heart

Re: All Things Sport...

Night @Zoe7 


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