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Re: All Things Sport...

The Renegades beat the Hurricanes @Hamsolo01 Final run off the last ball of the innings - so close yet now win again!!!


2 points is really close @Hamsolo01 - hope they can stay up there and make it through to the Premier League next year.

Re: All Things Sport...

Me too hey @Zoe7
Can only hope.
I hope liverpool win for you too my awesome friend

Re: All Things Sport...

We play Manchester City this week @Hamsolo01 so that will be one massive test for us. I would be happy to get out of that one with a draw. We are 6 points ahead of them and a win would be massive for us but we haven't got a good record against them in the last few years.


WHo do Swansea play this week?


@Everan Did you watch the Fed Cup? Ash played superbly - never gave her opponent a chance all match. Young Ajla found it really tough going but the experience will be good for her - now to tomorrow ...I would play Stosur in the singles - she has the experience and may be a better match up than Ajla.


@Scarecrowe Enjoy the racing tomorrow Smiley Very Happy


Re: All Things Sport...

Sheffield Wednesday @Zoe7
We should beat them I think
Let's hope anyway

Re: All Things Sport...

Well done Ash @Zoe7 Smiley Happy It was an exciting day. I stayed up late yesterday going to the movies that's why i didn't reply. I hope to watch a bit more today.




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