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Re: rough time

👋 How are you tonight @outlander?

Re: rough time

not to great tbh @CheerBear
how are you going- I know things are pretty tough for you too

Re: rough time

Rough season for a few I think @outlander.

It's been a long day and I am tired tonight. I have something extra to help with sleep and am looking forward to what will hopefully be an early night and some good sleep 🤞

I'm sorry things aren't great for you. I am still looking for that magic wand to wave around and make things better for everyone. Anything in particular going on/happening for you tonight or is it a bit of all the things?

Re: rough time

ill keep my eyes open for that magic wand too. wouldn't it be nice!

Hopefully an early night and good sleep will help with how your going too though I know its not always the way our minds work. @CheerBear
is there anything I can help you with at all? I can offer some nice gentle warm hugs if words are to hard...

um I think its abit of everything happening here atm with pop and health and the usual things. finding when im not busy im bored out of my mind but don't really want to take up studies at this point. worried about the upcoming appt as well. my mh just seems to be slipping quite abit despite my efforts to help myself. im at the point where I care but im to tired to care. not sure if that makes sense though 🤦‍♀️

Re: rough time

That makes heaps of sense to me @outlander. That you care still is a good sign I think, even though you're too tired to care (yeah that makes more sense in my head 😉). It's a tricky place to be watching things slide or slip even though you're trying. Totally hearing and getting that.

When's your appointment?

It helps to be here chatting while I'm waiting for it to be late enough to hit lights out. I chaired a tricky meeting early today, then had a long meeting with a new social worker (always tricky at the start for me at least). It's why I am tired tonight. The social worker and I played with slime so that was good. Hugs are also good too, thank you ❤

Re: rough time

Hi @outlander ..... 🌷💜


It makes perfect sense to most of us here, I’d say.


Any self-care activity you can invest in for a while tonight to help you park it all up a bit ?


Hi to @Sans911 @Snowie @Zoe7 @CheerBear @eth @Gazza75 @Shaz51 and anyone else around tonight ..... 👋💕

Re: rough time

always sounds better in our heads lol @CheerBear but at least it makes some sense!

its next Friday CB and I really don't want to go but again I do. It would be nice to have answers but I don't really want to go there either.

wow, that's a long day! playing with slime sounds good though even though it means cleaning up afterwards.

How are your LF going?

Re: rough time

@Snowie @Shaz51 👋❤

Re: rough time

I saw a slime-making kit in a supermarket recently @CheerBear ..... thinking about going back to get it.  I am glad you got to slime time today.


Does playing with slime appeal to you @outlander ? I think there are recipes online too, but I haven’t gone looking.  Adult play dough has been my thing before now, but no fridge space these days.

Re: rough time

im making cupcakes tonight and watching a comedy tv show too @Faith-and-Hope
hoping for a little bit of an early night since haven't been well physically and trying to clear off an infection.
Im dreading sleep abit though since I lay down and I think my brain starts firing on all cylinders again rather then resting 🙄

how are you tonight?

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