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Re: not feeling good

Thankyou for your support @Maggie xxxx

how are you going? 

Re: not feeling good

I'm sick @BlueBay
Sucks. Coughing and all sorts.
But still going okay I think.
Just done for the day. Last day of the week tomorrow thankfully

Re: not feeling good

That's nit good @Hamsolo01 

rest up. You need some chicken soup !!

take it easy my friend ❤️

Re: not feeling good

I'm bloody over it tbh @BlueBay
But what can I do

Re: not feeling good

I hear you @Hamsolo01 

pls take care xxx

Re: not feeling good

I feel a tad better atm @BlueBay

Had a shower and chilling out. Not doing much at all til bed I think.

How are you

Re: not feeling good

Idk anymore @Hamsolo01 

today's psychologist session really hit me sngry. Talked a lot about my mum and her manipulative behaviour. I'm still angry. 

getting very anxious about Christmas. Need to buy gifts for everyone. 
My psychologist suggested I get a jigsaw puzzle to htlp my mind stsy busy and not wander. I'll need to get one and try. Trouble is I don't have much patience. See how I go. 

Re: not feeling good

Also mindfulness can be good for patience I find @BlueBay

If you have tried it.

I'm sure you will figure out Christmas stuff my friend. You are very dedicated to your grad daughter for example which always warms my heart Smiley Happy

Re: not feeling good

Hi @BlueBay 


You have a great deal on your mind lately - so maybe it would be a good idea to work out which is the most important and concentrate on that rather than everything at once - which is overwhelming


You can't do anything about your current job right now - that's up to someone else - and seeing as  you are planning to sell your house you could leave the new job until you know where you are going to live


And you can be angry if you like - it does take a lot of energy without giving anything back to you but there are so many things you can't change - but be angry if it helps clear the air.


When it comes to various possible addictions - ah - do you believe you are addicted to social media? - if it's positive for you then it's most likely okay - if it's negative then not so good - possibly that is something to think about


You can express yourself here - that eases things and you are less likely to bottle things up - it's up to you


About jigsaw puzzles - you might not have the patience but maybe it would help if you got a really easy one before getting a challenge - why not give it a go


All the best today



Re: not feeling good

That's a good idea about the puzzle @Dec  I will get one that's not too big to start with. 
I had a big meltdown this morning at hime while laying in bed. I took my time to get ready for work. 
I just got a csll frim wirk to see if I can wirk every sat fir dec and possibly jan until new owners take over. Our other store close by needs our girl to work  there. I'm happy with that. It's good money and only from 9-1pm.  And good fir Xmas presents too. 
I released a lot of pent up anger this morning. 
You're right I need to concentrate on one thing alone. 
Hope your day has been ok. 
take care xxxx

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