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Re: Taking the plunge

Coffeeeeeee + 4 here @eth .I usually only have 3 per day. 🤪🤪

Much love back to you. 💙💙💙

Re: Taking the plunge

!!! @Maggie  ......  if I did that I'd be pinging off the walls all night and possibly into the next day!


Re: Taking the plunge

@CheerBear  Dropping off coffee ☕️☕️☕️. I hope your rearranging yesterday went well. I’m heading out to free up some more of my tree once the sun rises 🌜🌤☀️ Looking like a lovely day ahead weather wise.

I hope today is a good one. 💜💜


@eth @outlander @TheVandr @Former-Member  👋👋☕️☕️💙💙💙💙


Re: Taking the plunge

Morning @Maggie 🙂

We are having quite a warm and sunny stretch here too. Garden time will hopefully feel good for you.

How are you going this morning? And how was your yesterday?

Hi to all 👋❤

Re: Taking the plunge

Yes @CheerBear  a warm one here today also. It might be the last for the season.


Yesterday was ok enough. Had a good talk to counsellor, then we went and picked up some meds. Gosh, it’s quiet out there in the world.


How did you go yesterday?


Re: Taking the plunge

Nice to make the most of the weather while it's here @Maggie.

How's counsellor going through all of this? It is pretty quiet out there though the supermarkets and some shops here are incredibly not quiet 🙄 I wanted to pick up some fruit and veg but took one look at the lines winding around and walked away. I'll try again today.

My yesterday was OK thanks. I culled some paperwork and tidied my desk more then did some training online and had psych appt. The crew and I played video games and two made cupcakes. It was a decent enough day 🙂

Re: Taking the plunge

I haven’t been near a supermarket @CheerBear. I can’t imagine where all this food etc is going. Still panic out there. Everyone is keeping their distance.


Councellor is busy. Lots of online stuff, which she doesn’t like. But it’s at least contact. 


Cupcakes, yummy. Culling paperwork and online training sounds like a good kind of day. Was psych app ok? 


Video games sounds interesting. My ex was right into that stuff. He was brilliant with computers, too bad about the rest though. 😫😫


Re: Taking the plunge

I can't figure out where it's all going either @Maggie.

I can imagine how busy counsellor is. Where I do my thing is really busy. There's such a need for MH support at the best of times. This took it up a whole new level.

Psych was great as usual thanks. We spoke mostly about my gig and the extra work and job I am looking at. I felt hopeful and was saying things that sounded hopeful. He told me I might need to wash my mouth out after the appointment as I said a couple of "maybe you were right" kind of things 😆

Computers won't get you very far if the rest sucks 😏🙁

We have a Nintendo Switch (a few actually 😜) and often play four player mini game tournament things. We tried a new one last night that are carnival side show kind of games. Pretty funny.

Have you been getting some colour in to your days? I'm going to wander in the craft corner once I hit post.

Re: Taking the plunge

I giggled at the ‘ You might have to wash your mouth out’ @CheerBear  I really hope this works out for you. It would be a huge boost to your confidence. Hopefully other ways also.


Yes, so many MH issues might be pushed aside with all that’s going on. A lot depends on the psych/therapist I think. They need to spot the issues before they are unmanageable. In saying that, I always feel unmanageable. 🤪🤪 I read back over what I had written to my counsellor a week ago. In one sentence I sound almost excited at a possibility, two days later the S word appears. They really are special people.


My colour comes and goes. Concentration has been awkward lately. A big whoopsie. Takes the stuffing out of life. 


I’ve never played Nintendo, looks a bit fast, but fun. Will you be playing today.?


The light is here. I’m heading to the shower then the tree,


I hope your day goes well.


Re: Taking the plunge

Good morning @Maggie  and @CheerBear   Hope you both have a day with positive moments in it.   Lots of love your way xoxo  And also to anyone else here today @Faith-and-Hope @outlander @Shaz51  ...

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Missing you @Former-Member  hope you're doing ok lovely x

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