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Re: Taking the plunge

Hey awesome @Shaz51 💕

Re: Taking the plunge

How are you tonight @Faith-and-Hope  xx 

Re: Taking the plunge

I am doing okay @Shaz51 , thank you.  Today’s art classes were a good place to be, and I am happy with some work I got done.  


I have been stalling about going home, but I have a major Photoshop assignment to finish, so better get going.


Catch up again a bit later .....

Re: Taking the plunge

@Faith-and-Hope  💕💜💕💞💞


Re: Taking the plunge

Hi @Faith-and-Hope, have a good evening. Smiley Happy 

Re: Taking the plunge

Thanks @Gazza75 ..... same to you 🤜🤛

Re: Taking the plunge

@Former-Member It is so good to see you here today. Much love to you Hon Heart


@Maggie @Gazza75 @Shaz51 @CheerBear @Faith-and-Hope @Teej Hugs to you all tonight Heart

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Re: Taking the plunge

Night night everyone. 😴

And thanks again for caring, understanding and being so kind. 



Re: Taking the plunge

@CheerBear  Sorry I haven’t replied sooner, I’ve been thinking lots about the ‘ Shoulds’, and the hard time that follows them. It’s difficult learning how to go gently with ourselves. I hope today your loud ‘should’ voice isn’t so loud, mine too. 💞💜

Re: Taking the plunge

Morning all


No need for sorry @Maggie. I woke this morning thinking a bit about the should voice too and the things that make it louder as well as the things that keep it quiet. My aim for the day is to try and catch the should out and turn it into a could instead. It is hard to go gently when your should voice is strong though, I get that. 


I hope your day has some good (and maybe a little could instead of should 😉) ❤




For anyone who would like one ❤

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