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Re: Taking the plunge

@Former-Member  So good to hear from you. I know things are really tough, but like everyone has said, we are here for you, no matter what. 💕💜☕️☕️☕️


@Teej  I’m stuck to know what to say re the discussion. I just didn’t see it coming and feel stupid because I should have. Thanks for the stone, but more than anything, thanks for being you. 💕💜💕

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Re: Taking the plunge

The flowers are beautiful @Teej 



and thankyou @Shaz51 @Maggie 


Not a good day here. 



Re: Taking the plunge

hugs @Maggie Heart

and sitting with you @Former-Member , @Maggie Heart

Re: Taking the plunge

@Shaz51  Thankyou. I hope you are doing ok.💜💕

Re: Taking the plunge

@Former-Member  💜💕💜💞

Re: Taking the plunge

Really good to hear from you @Former-Member. Lots of hugs for your not good day and for everything you're going through.


@Maggie My 'should' voice is big, loud and strong when something hits unexpectedly. It makes me really hard on myself and it makes me feel silly too. It sounds like yours is giving you a hard time also. I hope it can be a bit more quiet soon.


🧡 for all 

Re: Taking the plunge

So good to see you @Former-Member .... and sorry to hear it’s a not good day ..... sending hugs and gentle thoughts your way ...... 💜🌷💜🌷💜💕

Re: Taking the plunge

Hi @Maggie @CheerBear @Shaz51 @Teej .... everyone else around 💕


Re: Taking the plunge

@eth @Gazza75  ^^^ 

and @Zoe7 if you’re here, but I haven’t found you yet tonight ....

Re: Taking the plunge

Here for you my awesome friend @Faith-and-Hope  xx 

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