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Casual Contributor

Schizophrenic psychosis trauma

Has anyone got ptsd from psychotic episodes the have gone through with there mentally ill child?
I have had to endure and witness horrific scenes. I wont share as i dont want to trigger anyone but i can share if anyone wants.


Re: Schizophrenic psychosis trauma

Hello @Atlantis 

Yes I think a few carers would say they had ptsd symptoms from caring.  You are right, sometimes it is good to share and sometimes it is too much.  The keys for me to survive are 

Self care and 

Setting Boundaries

Smiley Happy

Feel free to drop in to the hot chocolate thread and meet other forumites.

Re: Schizophrenic psychosis trauma

@Atlantis Hi Atlantis and yes I am currently being treated for ptsd amonst other things by my psychiatrist because yes jues writing this is triggering me.

My youngest daughter is also affected by what she has experienced with my son's mi. You are not alone.

@Appleblossom Hi Appleblossom always great to see you around Smiley Happy

Re: Schizophrenic psychosis trauma

I am recently experienced my 18 year old daughter have a psychotic episode with 11 ECT treatments.  I have PTSD from this experience as I also witnessed her biological father have a similar episode 28 years ago and again when I left him 7 years ago.  The experience terriorised me.  I am trying to put my mind back together but can over react to things I would normally be able to rationize. 

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