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Re: SPRING-Clean Declutter - Need Help

I was going to call the scrap metal place about a few items. Did not think of that. Have 2 old trailers among other things that I was going to refurbish. Couple of old mowers. May as well add the oven if they want it.

I was going to put on gumtree but that got out in the top hard basket lol. Hate have to deal with strangers and people who never show up as arranged. 

Re: SPRING-Clean Declutter - Need Help

As our decluttering journey continues, last night I managed to fill 2 wheelie bins out of our kitchen and darling this morning took a boot load to the salvos). Today I was working on my shed and filled a trailer to go to the dump. Estimate another 2 to 3 trailer loads to sort for the dump and have a trailer load to burn and trailer load of giveaways and another trailer full of scrap metal (including the old dead trailer) of scrap metal to be picked up. Recon there will be another full day just in the shed. (Its only a 9x7m shed) . 

I cant believe the stuff I have kept in there. Have a problem with letting go of things as simple as packaging. Was really quite embarrassed when I was going through everything but motivated at the moment so pushing on while I can. I will probably regret some of what has gone but once it is gone it is gone. My darling has been supporting me and encouraging me which has helped. 

Re: SPRING-Clean Declutter - Need Help



WELL DONE!  @Determined. Such an enormous cleanout,  like i've never heard of before, wow!  

Re: SPRING-Clean Declutter - Need Help

Thanks @lapses

Kind of got a big motivation at the moment lol.

Have help organized for the weekend to try and get it finished. Back at uni next week so it needs to be done by this weekend. 

Re: SPRING-Clean Declutter - Need Help

@Determined yay


Re: SPRING-Clean Declutter - Need Help

Where you able to put old oven in scrap @Determined



Re: SPRING-Clean Declutter - Need Help

Not gone yet @Darcy but they will accept it gladly.  I have an old trailer I am in the process of filling up so they can take trailer and all. 

Probably a good truck load to get rid of. Have  a collection of mowers also as well as white goods. 


Re: SPRING-Clean Declutter - Need Help

Hoping to get rid of it all tomorrow if I can get it together in time for an afternoon pickup. 

Re: SPRING-Clean Declutter - Need Help

I would be phoning early, they could always come a couple of times if needed @Determined

Re: SPRING-Clean Declutter - Need Help

Too far out of town for them to come for a small load @Darcy. Will be calling tomorrow and booking them for first thing Monday. We have photographor coming Monday ave to do marketing shots for the real estate. 

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