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Senior Contributor

New member


I am new here. 

I have an almost 21 yr old son on the Autistic spectrum. Asperger's. He is also severely depressed and has no friends. It is breaking my heart. The added difficulty is a "girlfriend" in another country who he thinks is the love of his life but its not a healthy relationship.   

I like gardening and cooking.

I dont like winter. 

Ive been married 24 years


Re: New member

Hi @Sheila,

Welcome to the forums and congratulations on being married 24 years – that is a challenge in itself, but it sounds like your son has a positive example of a relationship in his life.

It is clear from your post that you care deeply for your son and want the best for him; isolation can be especially difficult to observe as a parent as well. Does he, or your family, see anyone for support at the moment?

Re: New member

Hi @Sheila  and welcome to the forums. I have a autistic son with other mi problems and a daughter with aspergers. I love the winter, not keen on gardening unless I have some help and am divorced after 23 years of marriage (a happy divorce Smiley Happy).


My daughter was already to fly off to Germany at one stage because the 'love of her life' was over there ..... this went on for about a year where they talked over the net thankfully he has moved on and she has recognized thankfully now that it is not going any where. My son has a budding love interest who he meets at a special needs disco ..... I am crossing all my fingers and toes that it works out for him.


My suggestion is to contact Aspect who can put you in touch with aspergers groups around nsw. These groups get together linking the children with other aspergers children so they start to make friends. It is a toughy as my autistic son actually has more social outings than my aspergers daughter .... there seems to be more out there catering for them and their complex needs.


It is really nice to meet a fellow mum of an aspie child. Hopefully I will see you around the forum. ps: you might like to post a hello on the goodmorning thread people post on it 24 hours a day that is a good way to start.


See you around. greenpeaxxx

Re: New member

Hey greenpea ,
thanks for responding.
At the moment I am on survival mode.
But appreciate your reply.

Re: New member

I have seen counselor on and off. My son has seen multiple over the last 10 years. He is reluctant to see anyone now. Very "stuck"

Re: New member

@Sheila  just another fyi if you want to post to someone in particular put a @ infront of their name and then they are sent a notification of your post Smiley Happy. Don't forget to take good care of yourself. greenpeax

Re: New member

@greenpea ,thanks!

Re: New member

How are you going @Sheila, have you enjoyed your weekend? How are things with your son, what is it that is holding him back from seeing someone now? 

Re: New member

Hi @Ali11.
weekend was ok .
My boy has seen several psychologists in the last 10 years. He doesn't think cbt works

Re: New member

Hi @greenpea ,

How are you? 

I am just wondering what it was that convinced your daughter to end the long distance relationship. 

It is breaking my heart watching my son desperately clutching onto a relationship that is clearly dysfunctional. 

Did you have much to say to.your daughter while she was communicating with the "love of her life"?

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